Healing Codependency In Family Relationships

HOw Can you Heal Codependency in Family Relationships and break unhealthy Patterns Established in Childhood?  

That’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Codependency is a buzzword you might hear often, but it can be confusing and misunderstood.

My guest today is Brandi Merrill, she’s a life and recovery coach, a She Recovers coach, a licensed clinical social worker and a “boundary boss”. Brandi’s going to help us understand what codependency is (and is not) and how to break unhealthy patterns that may be sabotaging your health and happiness. 

Codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and sense of self. 

It can cause you to worry about the lack of response from people, to feel anger about what you said or didn’t say in situations because you are relying on others for approval, not honor your own opinions and thoughts, and believe that putting yourself first is rude or selfish.

And codependency can make it challenging to set healthy boundaries, or cause guilt or anxiety when you do set them.  

In this episode, Brandi and I talk about:

  • The 4 steps to healing codependent behavior
  • 7 signs of healing from codependency
  • Why overly harsh or loose boundaries can cause you to avoid close relationships
  • How and why codependency manifests in many family relationships
  • How to break unhealthy patterns established in childhood as an adult
  • The complicated relationship between codependent feelings and boundaries 

The 4 steps to healing codependent behavior

    • Increasing awareness – How do you contribute to codependency? What can you do differently to take your power back?
    • Improving communication – changing how you communicate with people, setting boundaries unapologetically
    • Editing self talk –  Negative self talk is destructive to recovery. How can you reframe the words you are saying to yourself to be more constructive?
    • Raising self awareness – pay close attention to your body and your feelings. Can you identify triggers that bring up feelings of anger, guilt, or resentment?

7 signs of healing from codependency

    • You are comfortable being alone
    • You are comfortable with sharing your opinions in relationships
    • You make decisions for yourself and not for others
    • You are comfortable with setting boundaries that serve your needs
    • You can step back and respond to situations instead of just reacting to them
    • You are comfortable with other people’s independence
    • You no longer feel guilt for setting boundaries and letting go of unhealthy relationships

About Brandi Merrill 

Brandi lives in Idaho and is a single mom to three amazing daughters. She’s a life and recovery coach, a She Recovers coach and a licensed clinical social worker who has provided counseling services for many years. Brandi is passionate about coaching and the transformations that are possible with the use of positive psychology and spirituality. 

Her personal journey has been one of forgiveness, self love, becoming a boundary boss, and single parenting in recovery. She’s in recovery from alcohol and codependency and believes that anything is possible. Brandi is passionate about inspiring her clients to make the changes they desire and to live their best lives. Brandi also works closely with moms in recovery that have experienced loss, including time with their kids, divorce or death.

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