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Let’s make this easy. My proven, step-by-step sober coaching program will teach you exactly how to stop drinking — and make it the best decision of your life.

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One-on-one life and sobriety coaching to help you quit drinking and so much more. You’ll work with me for 5 to 6 months with daily text + email support, personalized sessions tailored to your needs + all my attention.

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Tired of starting and stopping and starting again? Wondering why you can’t seem to stick to 2 glasses a night or just two nights a week? I’ve got you covered! Join me to learn all the secrets.

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30 Tips For Your First Month Alcohol-Free

Hey there, I’m Casey

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m an ex-red wine girl turned sober coach who helps women create lives they love without alcohol.

I created The Free 30-Day Guide To Quitting Drinking and host the top rated Hello Someday Podcast For Sober Curious Women to teach you the tried and true secrets of creating and living a life you don’t want to escape from.

I specialize in working with women like youwith full calendars and overflowing to-do lists, who are doing ALL THE THINGS and then coming home and drinking to forget about all the things.

I know you probably can’t imagine your life without happy hours and wine glasses – but take a deep breath – I’ve got you!

Here’s my story…

It started with a glass of wine, but then it became the bottle.

Sobriety Starter Kit for Busy Women Quitting Drinking - Sobriety Coaching Online Course

The Sobriety Starter Kit

sober coaching designed FOR busy women

Over 1,000 women have used my sober coaching program to get out of the drinking cycle and create lives they love without alcohol.

My signature sober coaching program is designed specifically for busy women with full lives + packed calendars.

The course will take you from Day 1 to Day 100 + beyond, helping you navigate work + motherhood, stress + social situations, vacations + relationships without diving into a bottle of wine.

And the program includes a bonus 60-Day membership in the SSK private community + monthly group coaching with me.

If you’re looking for a practical + positive approach to help you stop drinking, this is for you!

Welcome to the Hello Someday Sobriety Podcast, a Top 100 Mental Health Podcast for Sober Curious Women and Gray Area Drinkers. 

Looking for the best sobriety podcast for women?

With over 200 episodes, 1.2 Million downloads + a show ranked in the top 0.5% globally, you’ve come to the right place!

The Hello Someday Podcast was created to help you drink less + live more.  Each week I’ll bring you tools, lessons and conversations to teach you the tried and true secrets of creating a life you love without alcohol. If you’re ready to turn the decision to stop drinking from a worst case scenario to the best decision of your life, let’s get started!

Podcast Reviews

I’ve listened to so many sober podcasts and Casey is by far THE BEST. This podcast was key to me quitting alcohol. Her practical tips and tricks are invaluable, with advice I haven’t heard anywhere else. If I could give this podcast 27 stars I would!!

I started listening to this podcast in my first few weeks after I stopped drinking, and it has been a huge source of support and one of the tools I have used to stay sober. This podcast is like a blueprint for how to make this major life change!

If you are thinking of getting sober and getting rid of alcohol in your life…. you MUST listen to The Hello Someday podcast! Casey gives fantastic advice and guidance on how to become and stay sober. She is thoughtful, funny, smart, relatable and has the best guests on her show.

Client Success Stories

"Working with Casey is the best gift I have ever given myself! She helped me get out of the miserable cycle of work – take care of family – wine – promise yourself you will quit – can’t – then repeat. I tried for years to moderate or quit drinking on my own but I never could do it for long. Adding Casey’s support made all the difference."

Megan, Missouri (Now at 4 Years+)

"Day 100! I am so grateful to be on this path. Having Casey as my cheerleader, mentor, and friend has made putting down the wineglass so much less scary and lonely."

Mary, Georgia, Now At 3 Years+

Day 30! I’m still shocked that I have pulled this many days together. Before I started working with Casey it was hard to get a week without drinking. But the days actually feel easy now! I feel good, happy and productive.

Christy, Wisconsin (Now at 2 Years+)

"I just hit 50 days and this is my longest sober streak in decades! I’ve tried a lot of things to stop drinking in the past, with very limited success. I’ve kept a journal, joined online sobriety courses, read all the sobriety memoirs, juice cleansed, meditated, etc. Coaching with Casey has been different and incredibly helpful. "

Sarah, Toronto, (Now at 6 Months+)

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