Hello, I’m Casey


Certified Life Coach, specialized in helping women quit drinking.

If it has to do with getting unstuck, getting clear on your dreams, and making them happen, I can help.

Hello, I’m Casey


Certified life Coach, specialized in helping women quit drinking

If it has to do with getting unstuck, getting clear on your dreams, and making them happen, I can help.

I’m passionate about helping busy women drink less and live more. 

What I Do

You’re here for a reason. If you’re reading this you’ve likely come to a point in your life where you’re reevaluating your relationship with alcohol.

Maybe you’re tired and you feel stuck.

Perhaps you’ve woken up after a drinking bottle of wine on a weeknight, again, feeling sad and anxious.

You decide you’re going to drink less, starting tonight. But by 6 pm you can’t wait for your next glass.

Somehow you can’t seem to end this cycle. 

I’m here to help.


Through high level 1-on-1 coaching I work with women like you to stop drinking as a way to cope, relax, celebrate and decompress.

We’ll turn down the noise in your head, get clear about what you want in your life and what you’re no longer willing to tolerate.

We’ll prioritize what lights you up inside, and make that happen.

You deserve a life you love.  

Let’s get you there.

My Story


After 20 years of climbing the corporate ladder at big companies and small startups, I wasn’t in love with the life I was living.

My life looked pretty good from the outside, but didn’t feel as good on the inside.

I had too many commitments and not enough hours in the day.

I was constantly going, yet filled with an anxious energy I could never quite release.

I’d hurry home after work, feeling desperate to relax, and immediately open a bottle of wine.

I’d drink the bottle, and sometimes more, while cooking dinner, helping with homework, doing the dishes, and watching TV. 

And then I would wake up at 3 am with my mind racing and my heart pounding, feeling like complete shit.

I’d worry about how to handle the business trip next week, get to day care pick up on time, manage everything in-between and how I’d get through the morning with a headache and a hangover.

It was exhausting – the producing, delivering, overthinking, self-sabotage, overcompensating and trying to look like I had it all together.

Running through my head on a semi-constant loop were thoughts like…

What’s wrong with me? Why am I so stressed out? How can I turn off my mind?

Maybe I need a regular yoga practice? A good therapist? A girl’s night?

I should meditate. And also train for a 10 K.

I really need to write this all down.

Or I could just open another bottle of wine… 

Something needed to change. 

I wanted to feel happy, in control and at peace.

I became a Certified Life Coach and a Master Practitioner in Core Energy Leadership to help other successful women who’ve gotten into the habit of drinking too much or too often, reevaluate their relationship with alcohol, get out of overwhelm, and create lives they love.

My Training

I received my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation and my Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Certification (ELI-MP) through iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. iPEC is one of the largest and most respected International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach training programs in the world. I am also a SHE RECOVERS® Coach, which means that I am trained in and my work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® Intentions & Guiding Principles.

Beyond The Bio


I’m a practical dreamer, a retired people-pleaser, an ex-red wine drinker, a homebody, and a world traveler. 

I live in the Seattle, Washington area with my husband, son, daughter and two adorable Siberian Tabbies.

Despite being a recovering corporate ladder climber, my 20 years in digital marketing, 5 years at the world’s largest cosmetics company and stint at the headquarters of Seattle’s most famous coffee company have left a lasting impact…

I love photography and am fascinated by website design and the psychology of font choices.

I follow the evolution of cyber week marketing strategies much too closely.

I’m tempted to buy anything and everything sold at Ulta and Sephora.

And I have a serious coffee habit I’m unwilling to kick.

Happy Clients

Day 50! I’d say this is the longest I’ve ever gone without drinking, aside from my pregnancies, but I’m not sure even that’s entirely true. 

When I was pregnant I’d always have a taste of my husband’s wine, and toward the end, an entire (small) glass.

Now I’ve gone 50 days completely alcohol-free. 

Here’s what’s amazing: It does not feel like deprivation. 

For the first time deciding not to drink doesn’t feel like a punishment or that I’m having to turn my back on something good; this feels like taking a deliberate, enthusiastic step toward something positive.

Don’t get me wrong. There are nights when I’m crazy stressed, tired, pissed, or <insert strong emotion here>, and for a split second, a cold glass of numbing agent sounds tempting. 

But I’m getting better at noticing those triggers and allowing myself to feel the negative feelings, knowing that this too shall pass…and it always does.

I am so glad I made the decision to work with you as my coach Casey!

I’m feeling grateful this morning for all the ways you have helped me. 

Here are a few of them: 

  1. You validate that my feelings are warranted and real
  2. You listen intently to me (and don’t just hear me) 
  3. You encouraged me to get started, to keep going, and now to keep doing what I’m doing
  4. You celebrate my milestones (even when I forget!) – and encourage me to mark my successes with tangible items and/or pleasures
  5. You’ve given me actionable advice that WORKS (starting with the afternoon snack & alt bevs, and now putting exercise on my calendar)
  6. You provide great recommendations for quit lit, articles, and podcasts (including your own!)
  7. You’ve shared your perspective and anecdotes from your own sobriety journey
  8. You remind me how far I’ve come from Day 1 
  9. You remind me to prioritize self care, starting with a morning plan
  10. You help me see the forest for the trees and not get ahead of myself, providing big-picture context and reassurance that I’m “right on schedule”

….And a billion other ways I have yet to realize. 

You are amazing!!!

I’ve never felt more in control of my life.

I finally feel free from the shame and disappointment in myself, the procrastination and wishful thinking. 

Thank you all for your support Casey!  

Update on Day 100 

Here’s the difference between Day 1 / Day 100!

What I see in the mirrorBrighter eyes and an actual bone structure vs. dull and puffy, ashamed, scared and hungover.

But more than that I see… 

  • Clarity of purpose and peace of mind.
  • Determination and loyalty to self.
  • Someone who’s capable of anything. Getting here wasn’t easy!

Thank you, Casey. You’ve changed my life.

Thank you for reminding me who I am and what I can be.

You’re truly a gifted coach and ally!

So much love ❤️ to you!!!

– Lauren, Illinois, (Now at SIX MONTHS+)

Today I have been alcohol free for 120 days! 

Believe me, when I started out getting to this point seemed impossible! 

120 days is three times longer than I made it last year on my own. 

Casey’s support and guidance as a coach has been invaluable in this process. 

One thing that has surprised me is what a positive effect being alcohol free has had on every area of my life! 

Physically, I wake up feeling full of energy and enjoy taking care of myself by eating well, drinking water, moving my body, and getting enough sleep. 

Emotionally, I feel much more connected and present with my husband and children. 

And mentally, the anxiety that I have struggled with for the past several years has decreased exponentially since I quit drinking. Who knew?!?

I’m excited about my new goal of making it to 180 days alcohol free! 

It’s not easy, but it’s SO worth it!

Liz, Georgia (Now at SIX MONTHS+)

I just hit 50 days and this is my longest sober streak in decades!

I’ve tried a lot of things to stop drinking in the past.

I’ve kept a journal, joined online sobriety courses, read all the sobriety memoirs, juice cleansed, meditated etc. – all with very limited success. 

I am extremely introverted and normally hate speaking on the phone – so I was worried that ‘coaching’ would not work well for me – but I took a leap of faith and hired Casey. 

It’s a surprise every week to rediscover that I absolutely adore my coaching sessions with Casey.

Our talks work wonders at putting ‘Wolfie [the voice that tells you that drinking is a good idea]’ back in his place, motivating me to keep moving forward, and leaving me actually excited to keep at this. 

Coaching with Casey has been incredibly helpful.

I’m so grateful. Thank you Casey 🙂


– Sarah, Toronto, (Now on Day 180+) 


I love Casey’s energy and vibe.

Casey is approachable and real. She’s able to get to the essence of a problem or need and find the gold.

Casey is empathetic, proactive and dynamic. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with her.

Kenna, Seattle, WA

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