The Dry January Success Tips I Gave The New York Times

When The New York Times asks for your Best Dry January Tips, [first] you freak out a little bit [but then] you buckle down to deliver!

As a life and sobriety coach and the host of The Hello Someday Podcast For Sober Curious Women I’ve helped thousands of women complete Dry January, do a 100 day no-alcohol challenge or quit drinking completely, so I know a bit about what can set you up for success and what can sabotage your best intentions to take a break from alcohol. 

Tip # 1 For Dry January Success

Share the news that you’re taking a month long break from alcohol! Dry January is a fantastic time to take a break from drinking. 


Dry January New York Times Success Tips From Sober Coach Casey Davidson - Hello Someday Coaching

Tip # 2 For Dry January Success

Identify triggers, challenges and friction points. For a lot of women that can be work stress, overwhelm, date nights, girl nights, a long day with the kids, 5pm, cooking dinner or just having alcohol in the house! If you fail to prepare for triggers, you’re preparing to fail – so get ahead of it! 

Dry January New York Times Success Tips From Sober Coach Casey Davidson - Hello Someday Coaching - Get The Alcohol Out Of Your House

Tip # 3 For Dry January Success

Make a self-care plan. For most women drinking is your favorite reward for getting through a long day or a long week. So when you take a break from alcohol during Dry January or at any other time, you need to replace the reward of alcohol with other rewards. You deserve a treat for being sober every day in the beginning. It can be a special coffee drink, a massage, take out sushi, a long walk, time to meditate, a morning workout or a call with a good friend. 

Dry January New York Times Success Tips From Sober Coach Casey Davidson - Hello Someday Coaching - Make A Self Care Plan For Dry January

It is so much easier to stop drinking if you have a step-by-step program to follow. That’s because willpower and motivation will only take you so far, and once it fades the best principles of habit change, replacing rewards and incremental positive behavior change will carry you through!

But that’s hard to do on your own.

How do I know?

8 years ago I knew alcohol was weighing me down.

I couldn’t imagine my life without drinking but I was tired of breaking promises to myself, 3 am wakeups and hangovers.

So I signed up for a 100 day no-alcohol challenge.

And guess what happened…

I went from a bottle of wine a night to 8 years alcohol-free. Here's how I did it!

Of course that year wasn’t the first time I’d made the resolution to stop drinking.

But here’s why the outcome was different…

❌ I didn’t just rely on willpower and motivation.

❌ I didn’t try to do it alone.

✔️ I signed up for a program.

✔️ I got support.

✔️ I got a roadmap for exactly what to do and when to do it.

✔️ I got advice on what might be hard and how to navigate around it.

✔️ I found an approach that was positive and resonated with me.

So if you’re ready to commit to Dry January, 100 days of sobriety or alcohol-free life in 2024 I want to offer that to you too.

I want to invite you to join The Sobriety Starter Kit Sober Coaching Program For Busy Women!

➡️ Let me help you get out of the drinking cycle.

➡️ Let me give you the tools, advice, resources and support you need to stop drinking and create a life you love without alcohol.

➡️ Let me help you make this time different.

I can’t wait to welcome you into the program!

To learn more go to today!

Join The Sobriety Starter Kit. Sober Coaching For Busy Women Doing Dry January, a 100 Day No Alcohol Challenge Or Quitting Drinking. From Casey McGuire Davidson at Hello Someday Coaching.
Dry January New York Times Success Tips From Sober Coach Casey Davidson - Hello Someday Coaching - Part 2

Here’s my story…

It started with a glass of wine, and then it became the bottle.


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