Is Work A Trigger That’s Driving You To Drink?

Do you feel trapped in a job or career that doesn’t make you happy? 

Is work a trigger that makes you want to drink?

If the answer is yes, this podcast episode was created for you. 

For years when I was climbing the corporate ladder I felt like I needed (and deserved) wine at the end of a long day to unwind. And I know I’m not alone. 

So many women have spent a decade or two working hard, paying their dues and climbing the career ladder, only to find themselves in midlife dreading opening their emails and the work awaiting them tomorrow.  

Between pressure from your boss, long commutes, deadlines and deliverables, struggling to balance the needs of your kids and your clients and trying to be everywhere at once – it’s no wonder so many women are stressed out and feel driven to drink. 

If you feel tired, deflated or uninspired at work the good news is that you have options, you have agency and you can change the way you’re living. 

There are opportunities available to you when you take time to get clarity on who you are, what you value, your strengths and the work you want to do.

Betty Kempa is my podcast guest and she’s here to help us figure out how to reduce our stress and tension in our current job and how to work through the fear, frustrations and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from leaving your role and finding a career that you truly love. 

Betty’s a certified professional coach one of the industry’s top career change strategists. She specializes in helping mid to senior level corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into careers they love.

She is a thought leader in the industry, who writes, speaks and coaches on topics such as building six figure coaching businesses, overcoming imposter syndrome, dream career clarity, and effective career change strategy.

And Betty quit drinking 9 years ago. 

In this episode, Betty talks about how to get unstuck in your career and in your life. 

She takes us through two of the five steps in her career bliss formula and how to implement them in your life. 

  • Step 1: Overcoming self sabotage and getting out of your own way.

How to deal with the fears, limiting beliefs, impostor syndrome and your assumptions about what’s possible that are keeping you stuck.

  • Step 2: Identifying your dream role. 

How to do it and what NOT to do (hint – it’s scrolling the job boards).  She’ll take us through the steps of going inside with visioning exercises to meet your future self, building out your ideal life plan so you can find a career that aligns with that, creating your personal mission statement and more. 

If you feel triggered by work and are ready to get unstuck, feel empowered and move to a more positive place in your career – listen to this episode. 

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Connect with Betty Kempa

Website: BettyKempa.com

LinkedIn: Betty Kempa

Facebook: www.facebook.com/coachbettykempa

Connect with Casey McGuire Davidson


Casey @ Hello Someday Coaching (@caseymdavidson)

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