My Marriage, Drinking And Not Drinking

My Marriage, Drinking and Not Drinking

What role does alcohol play in your marriage? 

What happens in a marriage when one partner stops drinking? 

My husband Mike is here to talk about drinking, dating, parenting, marriage and what happened when I decided to stop drinking.

So many women worry about the role alcohol plays in their marriage and what might happen if they were to decide to quit drinking. 

Whether your spouse is your drinking buddy, wants you to stop drinking, doesn’t want you to stop drinking or just doesn’t get it, navigating marriage, parenthood and partnership and your relationship with alcohol is delicate and complicated. 

If drinking is a big part of what you do with your partner all the questions come up: 

  • What will you do on date nights or on vacations if alcohol is removed from the picture? 
  • How will you get through the holidays with your family? 
  • How might you navigate those awkward work parties where alcohol is readily available and used as a crutch to ‘loosen up’?

Drinking is deeply intertwined in our relationships and when one partner decides to not drink alcohol anymore it not only affects the individual but also their partner.

In this very special episode, my husband Mike joins me as we talk about  what our relationship was like when we were drinking versus our relationship when I stopped drinking and how my decision to go alcohol-free has affected our marriage throughout the years. 

We also get real about the good (and the hard) parts of our marriage over the course of the last 19 years and how we navigated the transition from my drinking life and early sobriety to our new normal where I don’t drink and he still does.  

We dig into parenting and what it was like when I was drinking, as well as how much was said or unsaid about my drinking, and how much of our drinking habits is visible to our partners versus how much is in our own head. 

In this episode, my husband Mike and I discuss:

  • The early years of dating and drinking and how that evolved over the 20+ years we’ve been together
  • The ways in which drinking was a really fun part of our relationship for years and then shifted once we became parents
  • How much of my worry about my drinking was visible to Mike in the years I was trying to moderate
  • What was most frustrating to Mike about my bottle of wine a night habit
  • Why Mike never asked me to cut back or stop drinking
  • What Mike thought about me asking him to not drink alcohol at home for my first 30 days alcohol-free

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