Reduce Money Stress I Financial Recovery and Healing Your Money Story

Financial Recovery and Healing Your Money Story  

Who doesn’t carry around some emotional baggage around money?

Most people have a complicated relationship with money that can show up in different ways.

This may look like:

  • A constant weight on your shoulders or guilt about carrying debt
  • Buying things to get a short term hit of happiness 
  • Fear of maintaining financial stability in an uncertain job market
  • Staying in a job that isn’t making you happy because you feel trapped by the “golden handcuffs”
  • Worries about putting your kids through college or paying your mortgage
  • Or not being on the same page as your partner on spending

Money is a loaded subject and one we rarely talk about with friends and colleagues.

And often our “money story”, what drives our fears, guilt and avoidance around money, is unconscious. It’s something we picked up in childhood and from our parents. 

You may not even be aware of the patterns you’re repeating or the thoughts that are not serving you. 

Unresolved issues, tension or stress related to  money is something that can keep us drinking (to bury our heads in the sand) or a trigger to drink. 

And that’s why I’m so excited to bring you today’s episode!

My guest today is Linda Parmar, she’s a financial recovery and money coach.

Linda specializes in helping women in recovery heal their money, thoughts and behaviors. 

Linda learned in recovery, that money (like alcohol and drugs) can be just a symptom of negative patterns and behaviors. 

Fear around financial security, fear of not knowing how to manage money or “adult”, fear around being able to take care of ourselves or making the wrong decisions financially can be a big source of stress in our own lives, as well as with family and in relationships. 

There’s a lot of shame and self-judgement around debt, financial missteps, not having as much money as the people you know or not being able to provide your kids with the same vacations and gifts that their friends may be getting. 

A few years into recovery, Linda was ready to look at these patterns and behaviors, which led her to become a certified money coach. 

Linda has worked in the financial industry for 20 years, and has made a career from helping people with their finances. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to uncover your money story
  • What values you have around money
  • Why spending money can be addictive behavior
  • How to forgive yourself and start to understand how money is a trigger driving you to drink
  • Why both Linda and I hate the word “budget”
  • How to create a spending plan that is aligned with your dreams and needs

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