Women and Burnout: Signs, Symptoms and How To Recover

Women and Burnout: Signs, Symptoms And How To Recover

Do you drink a lot and also feel physically and emotionally burned out? 

Maybe your life feels unmanageable, work stress is constant, you’re sleeping terribly, tired, empty, unmotivated, overwhelmed or mentally exhausted.

The physical and emotional symptoms of burnout often go hand in hand with alcohol use and abuse, and the signs and symptoms of burnout can mimic those of hangovers and alcohol withdrawal. 

Physical symptoms of burnout can include headaches, neck tension, digestive upset and sleep issues and people experiencing burnout may also feel physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism and detachment, and a feeling of purposelessness.

Drinking alcohol can not only exacerbate burnout but also make it difficult to recognize, treat and heal burnout. 

My guest today is Cait Donovan and we’re talking about “Burnout 101”. She’s going to help us identify burnout and understand how to separate it from the effects of drinking and alcohol withdrawal and identify ways to heal and recover. .

Cait is one of New York City’s leading burnout experts, the host of FRIED: The Burnout Podcast and the author of the book, The Bounce Back Ability Factor and Burnout, Gain Resilience and Change The World

Today Caitlin and I are talking about everything “Burnout 101”.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is burnout and how can you identify it?
  • How alcohol is often used as a coping mechanism for burnout and can make the symptoms of burnout worse

  • The differences and similarities between burnout and depression
  • How to heal your brain and body from burnout
  • Why recovering from burnout should be slow, gentle and kind
  • The difference between internal and external boundaries
  • The difference between rest and restoration in burnout recovery
  • Small changes you can make today to heal from burnout 

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      More about Cait Donovan

      Cait Donovan is one of New York City’s leading burnout experts, host of “Fried – The Burnout Podcast,” and author of the book The Bouncebackability Factor: End Burnout, Gain Resilience, and Change the World. Her master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine enables Cait to combine Eastern wisdom with her natural practicality. 

      After performing more than 25,000 acupuncture treatments, Cait added 1:1 coaching, corporate workshops, and keynotes for companies such as PTC, Lululemon, Vedder Price, Marsh and Mclennan, and Workplaceless – all with a focus on ending burnout culture.

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