Sober Coaching Success Stories

One of the best decisions of my life was to hire Casey as my sober coach! 

For years I wanted to live alcohol free but kept having to restart and restart. Each failure just felt like more evidence that I was hopeless, had no “willpower” and that being AF was for “strong’ and good” people but not for the “weak and undisciplined” people like me.

However, during yet another 3am anxiety wake-up I decided to search the internet for help, again. Reading about AF living certainly was a great start and inspiring but not enough to get me off the drinking cycle. I stumbled upon Casey’s website and thought to myself “THERE ARE SOBER COACHES”!?!? I had no idea, really, I thought it was basically AA or bust!

I emailed her immediately and set up a zoom meeting to talk about coaching. She was everything I could hope for in a sober coach; kind, honest, intelligent, non-judgemental, experienced and she put my mind at ease immediately. My independent nature has served me well in many ways, but I knew I needed help.
Saying yes to Casey made me feel so vulnerable but after years of trying, I understood that I needed someone to hold my hand, set boundaries, offer encouragement and support.
Our one-on-one coaching meetings are always so inspiring and they are also supplemented by her smart and incredibly useful online course and her weekly podcast where she interviews the most popular AF thinkers, coaches and writers.
As cliche as this may sound, working with Casey is TRULY an investment in your life and is worth every penny. An AF life (and yes it is hard work in the beginning) is as wonderful as the AF folks say it is.
Seriously if you are reading this and are on the fence, PLEASE take the next step and reach out to Casey because there is peace, joy, confidence, physical and mental well being and so many other positives waiting for you on the other side.
I’m rooting for you and so is Casey!


– Patricia, California, Now At 1 Year+

9 months alcohol free! [Now at 3+ Years]

As I was reflecting on this milestone today, what strikes me most is just how big and expansive my life is now versus when I was drinking. 

Then, my goal was to get through the day so I could get to my wine.

I had a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances, none of whom knew what was really going on inside my head. 

I felt very little joy (forget about hope), and felt anxious, controlling, and fearful most of the time. 

I was happier watching trashy TV with wine in hand than connecting with my husband. 

My kids often felt like burdens, constantly leaving little landmines I had to side step so I didn’t completely lose my shit on them. 

I lived in a Groundhog Day of waking up hating myself, pretending pretending, pretending, and numbing it all away at the end of the day. 

My life was getting smaller and smaller inside the bars of my own self-made prison. 

It’s almost funny now to me that what I have described above is what I clung to so desperately, for years. 

Because now, by finally letting it go, I have hope. I feel joy daily.

My anxiety has improved so much it is astounding to me, and such a relief. I have an ever growing circle of true friendships centered around real things, where my insides match my outsides (for the most part). 

Despite our growing pains (or maybe because of them), I feel truly seen by my husband for the first time since very early in our marriage. 

There are still many “I want to pull my hair out” moments, but my kids are one of my biggest sources of joy every day, and I understand they will be one of my biggest contributions to this world that is so in need of their benevolent hearts. 

Finally, I have all these other things I have discovered I love doing or learning about. 

There is just so much SPACE when you’re not spending all this time drinking or recovering from drinking.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

– Mary, Georgia (Now at 3+ Years)

The time and money I spent coaching with Casey was honestly the best investment I’ve ever made.

– Krissy, Virginia

If you’re looking to work with a coach I’d tell you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain; including your life back. 

After too many day ones, coaching with Casey has been a game-changer.

I’ve gained so much from this experience: joy, peace, self care, self love, contentment, happiness, my health and most importantly, sobriety!  

Casey provides input, guidance, support, accountability. 

She speaks from experience, knows how to phrase things in a different light that makes so much sense, and is able to turn my negative self talk into something positive.  

She’s available and always holding space for me when I need it the most.  

Casey has helped me shift my thinking and connect the dots.

I’m growing and becoming a better version of myself.

My husband’s even told me he notices the positive differences in me and the benefits of the work I’m doing.

Our coaching sessions are powerful. I think differently and I treat myself differently.

I would recommend working with Casey in a heartbeat!  

– Kathy, Washington, Day 256 (Now at 4+ Years)

Day 50! [Now at 1 Year +]

I’d say this is the longest I’ve ever gone without drinking, aside from my pregnancies, but I’m not sure even that’s entirely true.

When I was pregnant I’d always have a taste of my husband’s wine, and toward the end, an entire (small) glass.

Now I’ve gone 50 days completely alcohol-free. 

Here’s what’s amazing: It does not feel like deprivation. 

For the first time deciding not to drink doesn’t feel like a punishment or that I’m having to turn my back on something good; this feels like taking a deliberate, enthusiastic step toward something positive.

Don’t get me wrong. There are nights when I’m crazy stressed, tired, pissed, or <insert strong emotion here>, and for a split second, a cold glass of numbing agent sounds tempting. 

But I’m getting better at noticing those triggers and allowing myself to feel the negative feelings, knowing that this too shall pass…and it always does.

I am so glad I made the decision to work with you as my coach Casey!

I’m feeling grateful this morning for all the ways you have helped me. 

Here are a few of them: 

  1. You validate that my feelings are warranted and real
  2. You listen intently to me (and don’t just hear me) 
  3. You encouraged me to get started, to keep going, and now to keep doing what I’m doing
  4. You celebrate my milestones (even when I forget!) – and encourage me to mark my successes with tangible items and/or pleasures
  5. You’ve given me actionable advice that WORKS (starting with the afternoon snack & alt bevs, and now putting exercise on my calendar)
  6. You provide great recommendations for quit lit, articles, and podcasts (including your own!)
  7. You’ve shared your perspective and anecdotes from your own sobriety journey
  8. You remind me how far I’ve come from Day 1 
  9. You remind me to prioritize self care, starting with a morning plan
  10. You help me see the forest for the trees and not get ahead of myself, providing big-picture context and reassurance that I’m “right on schedule”

….And a billion other ways I have yet to realize. 

You are amazing!!!

I’ve never felt more in control of my life.

I finally feel free from the shame and disappointment in myself, the procrastination and wishful thinking. 

Thank you all for your support Casey!  

Update on Day 100

Here’s the difference between Day 1 / Day 100!

What I see in the mirrorBrighter eyes and an actual bone structure vs. dull and puffy, ashamed, scared and hungover.

But more than that I see… 

  • Clarity of purpose and peace of mind.
  • Determination and loyalty to self.
  • Someone who’s capable of anything. Getting here wasn’t easy!

Thank you, Casey. You’ve changed my life.

Thank you for reminding me who I am and what I can be.

You’re truly a gifted coach and ally!

So much love ❤️ to you!!!

– Lauren, Illinois, (Now at 1 Year +)

Deciding to work with Casey was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years.

I’d long wanted to go the sober route, I tried many times to do it on my own, but I always lost my way.

Casey was able to kindly, gently and with her own experience with the sober life, show me how to find my path. It was so easy to talk to her!

She also helped me immensely with my personal life, beyond just not drinking.

She showed me how much was waiting there for me, on the other side.

I finally was excited to see what that meant for me.

I’m so grateful that I had the time to work with her. 

Thank you so much Casey, you helped me change my life in so many beautiful ways.

– Bridget, Venice, Day 80 (Now at Day 100+)

Day 100! 

This is the longest I’ve been alcohol-free in 33 years and I would not have come this far without Casey.  

Coaching with Casey has made all the difference!  

She has been there with me every single day to guide me, to give me amazing support and provide the accountability that I desperately needed to break free from the daily drinking cycle I was in for decades.  

I had tried everything to quit, and even though being alcohol-free was my number one desire for decades, I just couldn’t make it happen. 

I felt better immediately after my first session with Casey. I finally had hope and I knew I’d found someone who I could trust and who believed in me.  

Within the first few days my eyes were brighter and my spirit was exhilarated. 

Each week has gotten even better and better.

  • My wine bloat is gone (hallelujah!).
  • I’m so much more patient and organized.
  • I feel positive about my future.   

Casey’s online course, The Sobriety Starter Kit, is truly fantastic.

The lessons are beautifully designed and the content is relatable, empowering, and positive.  

I can’t say enough wonderful things about it.  

Once I fully committed to this and hired Casey as my sobriety coach everything changed.

I had the support I needed. 

Casey is there for me every day and gives me practical ways to deal with whatever I might be concerned with at the time and she is there to celebrate each new sober day with me.  

Her approach is so positive and she has really made the past 100 days fun!  

Casey takes the best notes during our sessions which is so fabulous and helpful for me to have later – plus I know she truly hears me.  

She is the best listener and the best coach I could ever imagine.  

I am thrilled to be on Day 100 with her and am so excited to keep going!  

– Bloom, North Carolina (Now at 100 Days +)

I can’t recommend Casey more wholeheartedly. I signed up with Casey after years of trying a million other ways to get sober.

With Casey, something clicked.

She always has the exact right solution for all the challenges that come with ditching alcohol, she creates a safe way to be accountable, and she models how living alcohol free can mean living your best life.

What I responded most to is how she is such an expert but during our sessions I felt like I was talking to my BFF.

She’s so down to earth, non-judgmental and amazing at connecting. 

– Jane, New York

After three decades of genteel drinking that got steadily heavier, I was desperate.

I  felt totally alone with my secret problem.

I tried AA and it was not the best tool for me.

But Casey’s combination of well-honed coaching skills and warm, personal style were a perfect fit.

She is an attentive listener, and honest about her own experiences.

Her coaching sessions were invaluable, and she made herself available via text and phone for additional support.

She was able to pinpoint the issues at every step of my first 120 days, and helped me to celebrate the small triumphs as I reached each new goal.

If you are considering whether or not to take this big step, give yourself the gift of Casey’s kind, laser-like expertise. Your future self will thank you.

– Sarah, Minneapolis (Now at 6 Months +)

 I loved working with Casey. 

For me, this process was not just about giving up alcohol.

It was about rediscovering myself; getting alcohol out of the way so that I could focus on the work that really needed to be done (because there is always work)

You are in good hands with Casey!  

She will be your guide, friend, cheerleader, and confidante.

You will shed tears and laugh together. 

Hiring Casey as my coach was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself. 

Thanks to Casey, I am so happy where I am today – 100% alcohol free! 

– Karolyn, Washington (Now at 1 Year +)

Today I have been alcohol free for 120 days! [Now at 6 Months +] 

Believe me, when I started out getting to this point seemed impossible! 

120 days is three times longer than I made it last year on my own. 

Casey’s support and guidance as a coach has been invaluable in this process. 

One thing that has surprised me is what a positive effect being alcohol free has had on every area of my life! 

Physically, I wake up feeling full of energy and enjoy taking care of myself by eating well, drinking water, moving my body, and getting enough sleep. 

Emotionally, I feel much more connected and present with my husband and children. 

And mentally, the anxiety that I have struggled with for the past several years has decreased exponentially since I quit drinking. Who knew?!?

I’m excited about my new goal of making it to 180 days alcohol free! 

It’s not easy, but it’s SO worth it!

Liz, Georgia (Now at 6 Months+)

​It’s been 120 days since I quit drinking and I wouldn’t be here without my coaching work with Casey! [Now at 3+ Years]

Before I quit drinking I felt frustrated and overwhelmed.

I was living with a lot of fear and anxiety and felt like I couldn’t handle everything going on in my life, with my work, and with my family’s busy schedule. 

I’d been on a self-help journey for 10 years, but it wasn’t until I quit drinking that I was actually clear enough to follow through with things.

Now I’m finally able to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, like being there for my girls, financial planning, medical appointments, and getting in my workouts and exercise.

It’s like there is a clarity in me that ​​wasn’t before. 

This work takes time, and I’m still figuring out how to live the life I don’t want to escape from, how to fill my time with things I value, and not listen to old messages & negative patterns in my head.

But I feel like I can handle things now. 

I’m finally the person who can work on stuff that makes me feel better physically and mentally and actually believe that I am doing it for me.

I haven’t been in that head space for a long time.

I’m so grateful to have found Casey as a coach, for her support and guidance and knowing that she’s there for me when I need her.​  

– Ali, Missouri, Day 120 (Now at 4+ Years)

​I could not have made it past Day 3 without Casey. [Now on Day 230+]

I was on the worst self destructive path.

But then Day 1 turned to 2, 3, 30 and 60. Now I’m sliding past Day 160.

Today I feel powerful and strong even on the bad days.

My outsides have transformed no doubt but what is more important is feeling equally good internally – more confident, less anxious, healthier, blood pressure is perfect again, no more panic attacks, no more imposter syndrome

I am present for my family and myself. 

It truly meant everything to me to have Casey’s support and accountability.

– Sandy, New Mexico (Now at Day 230+)

When I first found Casey’s podcast, I loved it!  I felt she offered so much practical step by step advice to quitting my nightly wine habit. 

I had been trying to quit drinking a bottle of wine most nights for a long time.  

I had read all the quit lit, listened to all the sober podcasts, read all the blogs and even did multiple paid AF group challenges. 

I could stop for one to three weeks but it always led back to drinking the same amount, about a bottle of wine a night.  

While outwardly successful with a happy family life and career, I struggled to cut out my nightly wine habit.  This really bothered me as I really wanted to moderate, but I kept failing. 

On yet another hungover morning,  I decided to sign up for one on one coaching and I never looked back. 

The same brain that created my wine dependency did not have the solution to fix it without outside help!  

Casey helped me get to day 86 and I cannot believe I have done it!  

I am so happy to be out of the drink, hangover repeat cycle and life is really starting to open up! 

I love listening to the Sobriety Starter Kit and I am planning to do another 100 day challenge after this one.  

Casey’s support and guidance was what got me here!

– Bella, Toronto, Canada

I just hit 50 days and this is my longest sober streak in decades! [Now at 6 Months +]

I’ve tried a lot of things to stop drinking in the past.

I’ve kept a journal, joined online sobriety courses, read all the sobriety memoirs, juice cleansed, meditated etc. – all with very limited success. 

I am extremely introverted and normally hate speaking on the phone – so I was worried that ‘coaching’ would not work well for me – but I took a leap of faith and hired Casey. 

It’s a surprise every week to rediscover that I absolutely adore my coaching sessions with Casey.

Our talks work wonders at putting ‘Wolfie [the voice that tells you that drinking is a good idea]’ back in his place, motivating me to keep moving forward, and leaving me actually excited to keep at this. 

Coaching with Casey has been incredibly helpful.

I’m so grateful. Thank you Casey 🙂


– Sarah, Toronto, (Now at 6 Months +) 

Day 30! [Now at 1 Year +]

I’m still shocked that I have pulled this many days together.

It’s hard to believe how much has changed in just a few weeks. 

In the first week I was anxious about not drinking, about how to get through the weekend and about my job.

I felt sick and exhausted just by getting up, going to work and not drinking.

But the days actually feel easy now.

  • I feel good. I’m happy and productive.
  • I had a great hike with my dog last night and I got a lot of work done during the day.
  • I am KILLING IT at work. 
  • I used to dread looking at my schedule and I don’t anymore.
  • I’m less anxious than I used to be, about everything from opening my mail to meetings with my boss to kicking off new projects at work.

What began as boring days (not drinking) are beginning to evolve into simpler days – which is actually a pleasant balance to the madness I’m used to.

And I’m amazed at the difference I already see in my body after just a month. 

  • My stomach isn’t bloated and I stopped taking my ulcer medication.
  • I thought the reason I felt like garbage meant that I needed to take amino assets and supplements. But the truth is that I was just drinking way too much.
  • I used to have a pill container full of vitamins – and now I’m down to just a few.

Not drinking is the very best thing in the whole world.

Thank you for your support!

Before I started working with you it was hard to get a week without drinking and now I’m looking forward to hitting 50 days!

– Christy, Wisconsin (Now at 2+ Years)

Day 100! [Now at 3+ Years]

I am so grateful to be on this path.

Having Casey as my cheerleader, mentor, and friend has made putting down the wineglass so much less scary and lonely.

When I first heard Casey interviewed on a podcast, I knew immediately I needed her in my life. I honestly had never even heard of a sobriety coach, and as a former grey area drinker, I was mostly relying on willpower and the support of family and friends to make it through the day.

Adding Casey’s coaching to my toolbox has been one of the most integral parts of my success.

Communicating with her daily has really helped me identify my drinking triggers, problem solve, and re-frame my thoughts more positively.

Our coaching sessions are like some combination of therapy and a heart to heart with a good friend, but with someone who has been there and done that.

Casey has also plugged me into virtual sober support groups, and she has some great ideas about how to best make that work for you. 

Hiring Casey is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself if you want to stop drinking.

– Mary, Georgia, Day 100 (Now at 3+ Years)

For the past 10 years I knew my drinking was too much.
I tried repeatedly to cut back… moderate… quit… and I failed time and time again.

I was caught in a self-destructive cycle of drinking a bottle of wine most nights of the week, not sleeping, hungover, gaining weight and unhappy.

I set up time to talk with Casey and within minutes I knew she could help me conquer my addiction to alcohol.

Her coaching program and it has made all the difference in the world!

Here’s a short list of the ways in which Casey’s coaching has been invaluable to me.

  • Casey really listens to me. At the end of each coaching session she recaps our call and shares it with me via email. I often go back and re-read these emails to remind myself of how I felt in the beginning and revisit the tools she’s shared each step of the way.
  • Working with Casey was an investment in myself, in my health and well-being. I have always invested time and money into the health and well-being of my children and family, but never in myself. Investing in coaching for myself, was me telling myself that I am important too.
  • Casey’s been vital in helping me prepare for social situations filled with drinking triggers. I set up a quick call prior to an event and she provides tools and suggestions to help me navigate these tricky situations.
  • Casey’s available by phone or text and she always responds. She’s the lifeline I need when stuff comes up.
  • Casey connected me with the right tools and resources. Her podcast, quit-lit and online sober groups have been so helpful.

When I started on this sober adventure, I was worried it would be punishing and that I would be missing out on so much fun.

The reality is, I have never been happier or healthier.

  • I truly laugh with my kids again.
  • I enjoy the simple things like walking to the park and playing tennis.
  • My relationship with my husband is improving day by day.

Thank you, Casey, for helping me to reach this first 100-day milestone!

– Sue, Washington (Now at 2+ Years) 

I hit Day 22 today! Yay!!!! [Now at 4+ Years]

Last night my husband asked me how I was doing with all of this “not drinking stuff”, how I was feeling, and what good things are happening. 

I told him waking up not hating myself for drinking too much is wonderful.

My depression and anxiety have lifted and I am really proud of myself. I have my self respect back.

I’m so much more productive at work – I don’t feel fatigued or brain foggy even after working all day.

My husband said that I am much more calm and steady. He said he recognizes that my anxiety has lessened. He told me that he can see that things don’t bog me down as much. 

He told me that my eyes are brighter and he sees me blossoming as a bright person again – that I just seem to have some much more life in me.

Working with Casey has been a really great experience.

Her technique and approach to quitting drinking absolutely works if someone really wants to stop.

I’m so glad I reached out for help.

– Jennifer, Day 22 (Now at 4+ Years)

ONE WHOLE YEAR! [Now at 4+ Years]

I truly would not be celebrating a year without wine if it were not for Casey. 

Working with Casey is the best gift I have ever given myself, the best chance I ever took to make myself a better person, to get out of my miserable rut  the cycle of work – take care of family – wine – promise yourself you will quit – can’t – then repeat. 

Casey helped me break that cycle, first by getting through the first 30 days just curled in bed every night ordering take out and watching TV with the kids, assuring me that was OK, to getting through every holiday, soccer trip, beach vacations with the in-laws, flying, a hysterectomy, my daughters surgery, pandemics, homeschooling and all of it. 

Casey walked me through creating a life I don’t resent or want to escape from every night, changed the patterns of rewarding myself with wine to rewarding myself in other ways I had forgotten or never knew I liked. 

And Casey gave me tools- like planning ahead for how I was going to take things slow and reward myself along the way when something I knew would be a trigger was coming up. 

And she was always there for me when life surprised me and I needed someone to help me re-frame or rethink something, or get through a bout of anxiety.

Like I called her crying from Minneapolis once after a terrible flight, and I had to walk past the bright wine bar at the hotel reception, and locked myself in the bathroom so my daughter wouldn’t hear, and thanks to her support I didn’t drink that night. 

Casey gently encouraged me to look at and move out of the unhealthy emotional patterns I had that were no longer serving me and contributing to my overdrinking. 

Doing that work was so empowering, and I felt like I was finally growing again as a 45 year old.

I had my physical recently and, since quitting drinking, I am down 30 pounds, from 170 to 140, my cholesterol and blood work and liver enzymes are all better this year and in normal healthy ranges. 

I didn’t diet, I just stopped drinking wine at night and it changed my life. 

I can’t even overstate how much better I feel about myself every single morning. 

I wake up feeling good! No groggy pissed off headache depression anxiety combo. 

I don’t need any anxiety/ depression medication anymore, it is manageable through keeping up on my sleep, healthy eating, exercise and other coping skills I have learned along the way. 

I tried for years after my third child to moderate or quit drinking on my own but I never could do it for long, I never asked another person to help me on that journey because I was too afraid and too embarrassed and thought I should be able to do it myself. 

Asking Casey for support and help was the best decision of my adult life.  

If you have been trying and not getting anywhere, stop trying harder and try different things. Casey was the difference maker for me. 

Hugs and love to every woman trying to do this. You can do it – and it’s worth it.


– With love, Megan, Day 365+ (Now at 4+ Years)

If you are thinking you might benefit from working with a coach, I would strongly encourage you to invest in yourself.

In spite of my ability to succeed in many areas of my life, I needed to change my relationship with alcohol.

When I reached out to Casey I found that I wasn’t alone.

Casey helped me understand that many women, similar to myself, have worked through this and other defeating beliefs and behaviors.

Working with Casey brought me big picture direction, working resources specific to my challenges, ongoing support and tangible real-time encouragement. 

I have discovered renewed purpose, joy, and a practice of self-care that keeps me connected to those I love and myself.

I am now openly moving through where I was, where I had been, and where I want to be.

I am developing a new vision of where I want to be as a recent empty-nester and middle-aged woman.

Casey’s professional experience, coaching, and strength have been priceless.

She’s provided individualized, proactive interventions to help me create a life I love.

I am present today and look forward to experiencing each day I am gifted.

– Becca, Tennessee, Day 80 (Now at 3+ Years)

Working with Casey was the best investment I have made in years! 

I’ve spent the past 5 years drinking on a daily basis. 

Over the last two of those years, it got progressively worse. 

I tried everything to cut back and stop.

I tried drinking only on weekends, drinking only 2 drinks a night and I tried AA too. 

Nothing helped until I started Casey’s program. 

I can’t believe I am on day 100!!!

Before I started working with Casey the longest I could get without alcohol was 21 days. 

I cannot stress how important it is to follow the program as guided by Casey. 

I did everything outlined from, sober treats, to listening to sober podcasts, reading sober books to lowering the bar on everything else except staying sober. 

It was not easy but with Casey, direction and support I finally overcame the craziness of the drinking cycle. 

If you are reading this and feel you have an issue with drinking, I could not recommend a better coach than Casey. 

This is not to say that everything in your life will be better after you stop drinking. But I have found that not drinking has allowed me to address the other issues in my life with a clear mind and focus on the solutions to my problems. I

 I am so happy that I found Casey’s coaching program and I am excited about reaching 6 months and beyond.


– Nadia, New York City (Now at 6 months +)

100 Days!!! [Now at 4+ Years]

This absolutely would not have happened without your help!

Thank you for being there for me every step of this journey. 

I can now see how great life is without the burden of alcohol on my shoulders.  

I have the next half of my life to enjoy being fully present to learn and grow.

I am so excited for the future! 

Thank you so much!!!  

– Jen, Colorado, Day 100 + husband on Day 73! (Now at 4+ Years)

I just hit one year without alcohol! That is amazing to me!!!

I have struggled with my drinking for over 10 years now and Casey provided the just-in-time support that was missing from my previous efforts. 

Stringing together a few days without wine seemed impossible at first. 

Now, 365 days later, I have made it through so many stressful events that I normally would have turned to wine for (the pandemic, my hospitalization and diagnosis with MS, the holidays, political and social unrest) and found that not only can I handle everything sober, but that life is so much better for it. 

Not only did Casey’s support help me stop drinking, but she was right there to help me think through the “now what” part that came in the months after I had stopped. 

I love that Casey focuses on moving forward towards a better place, rather than dwelling in the shameful place I had been stuck in. 

She helped me see each positive step as the huge accomplishment that it was. 

When I struggled, Casey was just a text or a phone call away. 

Casey listens without judgement, empathizes with the struggles life brings, asks just the right questions, and helps keep me focused on my goals.  

I am so grateful not to have wine be part of my life, stealing my sleep and my peace, and to be present for my family. 

Thank you Casey!

– Stephanie, Maryland (Now at 1 Year +)

It’s been a life changing experience to work with Casey.

She has a program set up that’s easy to follow and so helpful! 

I was someone who needed a plan to follow and she delivered.

Her online program and podcasts are a wonderful supplement to one-on-one coaching.

Thanks Casey for everything! 

You’ve given me a springboard to new healthier adventures.

– Jess, Alabama (Now at 120 Days +)

At day 62 [Now at Day 120+], I am starting to see how great life can be without alcohol.

It turns out you were right  – wine wasn’t the glue holding everything together.

There are still hard days, but I have realized that I am much better at coping with challenges when I am not in the drinking cycle.

Everything seems way less overwhelming and my anxiety is gone.

I am sleeping great and much more productive during the day.

I love being fully present in my day to day life. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Thank you for your support along the way! I couldn’t have done it without you!

– Lauren, Hawaii (Now at 120 Days +)

Day 64!!!

I started working with Casey on Day 11 and it’s made ALL the difference (after more failed attempts than I can say)

When I was trying to stop drinking before, accountability from friends and my husband faded quickly when they decided to go back to drinking.

Casey has been the rock I’ve needed! ❤️ 

Kim, North Carolina (Now on Day 80+)

Three months ago I was feeling stuck and desperate for change.

I had developed a habit of drinking too much in the evenings to “unwind” after a full day of work and parenting. 

This was causing me to gain weight, I wasn’t as sharp as I used to be, I felt tired and lethargic all the time and was an unhealthy coping mechanism for managing stress. 

Instead of dealing with the problems of life, I had a couple glasses of wine in the evening to make them go away for a few hours. 

I had reached a point where I wanted to stop drinking to get healthy, but couldn’t wrap my mind around how that would work. 

After reading Casey’s website and listening to a few of her podcasts, I knew right away that she could relate, and after our first call, I decided to trust her and make the commitment to experimenting with 100 days without drinking.  I am almost at my goal, and so far it has been such an amazing experience.  

Hiring Casey is the best thing I ever could have done 

I want to tell people who just can’t get through the first week that it gets so much better, especially if you get your mind in the right place.

My coaching work with Casey has been a huge part of that for me.

I was amazed, after years of trying to drink less or quit, as I hit Day 14 and Day 30, Day 50 and Day 80! 

I am feeling and looking a million times better. I’m so proud of myself.

It has really never been this easy!  

I have come a long way. I don’t feel the physical cravings anymore. I am learning not to need to numb out anymore.  I am starting to feel more emotionally stable and strong.

Little by little, day by day, I can feel myself coming back to who I was.

I really look forward to the weekend now and feeling good, with no slugging through the day with a hangover after another bottle of wine to reward myself for just getting through it. I’m learning to reward myself in ways that nurture me and make me healthy and fulfilled.  And when upsetting things happen I’m dealing with them with a whole lot less drama than before. I feel calm and it’s good for me and my kids. It helps them feel safe. 

I know I wouldn’t be here without Casey.  She believed in me and showed me the way.  

I’m so glad I finally did this. Thank you Casey!

– Catherine, Virginia, Day 120

I’ve been at this a few times over the years: I’ve read ALL the books, enrolled in multiple classes and programs, made (and broken) all of the promises to myself.

And I can honestly say that working with Casey has been the best and most powerful experience I’ve had in quitting drinking.

She’s practical, supportive and inspirational, and never ever judges.

Casey is just a lovely person, and has been well worth the money as coach to have her right there with me through this process.

I’m so grateful for the work we’ve done together. 

– Kim, Washington (Now At 6+ Months)

Today is day 30!!!!!!!!! [Now at Day 100 +]

I am so excited, and can’t believe I am finally here! 

I think the biggest thing I have noticed is the time I have to do other things.  

I feel like when I was growing up I did more things like read, play sports, etc.  

I got to the point in my life where I wasn’t doing anything and definitely wasn’t enjoying anything. 

I feel like I would just live for that drink, but not any of the positives in my life.

Now I feel like I have the time to do stuff and also to enjoy it, even the more stressful times.  

I love that I can do things with my kids and remember it and enjoy it instead of just trying to drink in between everything.  

I’m feeling very optimistic about moving forward and so glad I made this step.

Thank you for all your help!

Amy, Wisconsin, Now on Day 100+


If you’re looking for clarity in what you want—and to find the energy + path forward to making your goals happen—you should work with Casey.

In just five sessions I’ve gained impactful tools + mindsets that are having a positive impact on my life. I’ve left every coaching session re-energized, grounded, and empowered.

I’m inspired and more confident than I’ve ever been in pursuing what I want.

– Midori, Bellevue, WA


If you’re ready to write your next chapter, whether it be a professional lane change, making a big or small tweak in your lifestyle, or gaining objective insight into what really moves you and how to get there, you should talk to Casey.

Casey totally gets women who are accomplished and connected to loved ones, but also restless and wanting more for themselves in the years they have ahead. 

She is lovely, approachable, joy-emitting, and gifted at connecting you to your ‘someday’.

– Holly, Bellevue, WA

I’m celebrating 66 days of sobriety today and feeling inspired to share my top 10 list of I love about being sober… 

1. Bouncing out of bed in the morning.

2. Not waking up at 3 am with heart racing!

3. Night sweats & hot flashes have almost diminished.

4. Binge eating at night has slowed down tremendously.

5. NOT arguing with my husband! 

6. I feel more calm & less anxiety.

7. My tongue looks really pink & healthy. ?‍♀️

8. Still struggling with self worth, esteem & love – but I’m actually able to work on this now. 

9. Realizing how ungrateful I have been for SO MANY things that I am now grateful for!

10. My coach, Casey. What would I do without you?!?!  You’re my mentor, my inspiration, my biggest fan and supporter! THANK YOU!


– Kathy R., Day 66 (Now at 4+ Years)

I love Casey’s energy and vibe.

Casey is approachable and real. She’s able to get to the essence of a problem or need and find the gold.

Casey is empathetic, proactive and dynamic. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with her.

– Kenna, Seattle, WA (Now At 6+ Months)


Casey is passionate about helping women achieve whatever they want out of life. I worked with Casey because I wanted to push myself and grow, evolve and be a better person in all that I do.

Casey was all in, asking questions that help me think about things in different ways. She is flexible and patient, genuine, caring and interested in your personal growth and development.

Casey helped me realize that I don’t always have to do it all on my own. I would absolutely recommend working with her.

– Dana, New York, New York


Casey’s wisdom and experience was such a gift to me at a perfect time.  She is kind, yet thorough and great at asking questions that make me think. 

During our coaching sessions, we explored the best approach to navigating a new job opportunity and promotion. I was able to become clear on the value I would bring to the role in order to approach the opportunity with confidence and excitement. 

My sessions with Casey stretched me and caused me to look at situations in different ways. I felt encouraged, validated and celebrated. 

Casey’s approach is accurately direct, compassionately delivered and extremely transformative. She truly is a wonderful coach!

– Jennifer, Seattle, WA

I decided to work with Casey because I needed to make some important changes in my life.  I knew what was working and not working, but I wanted a coach to help guide me and hold me accountable. 

Casey delivered. Her approach is supportive, but direct. Her process, questions and ideas shared helped guide me to discover the right path for myself. Casey is very relatable and I found her advice and approach super helpful.

Working with Casey helped me take action. I felt empowered and optimistic after our very first session; I left feeling like I had a viable action plan for myself and I was ready to go to work.

I’d recommend Casey to anyone; working with her has helped me create a plan for my life based on my priorities, with me in charge of what happens next.

Things I thought I could never do, I’ve done. Problems I thought I could never solve have been addressed, even if in just small ways, helping me to feel the progress. When sharing my story with friends and they ask what’s different, I tell them she’s my secret weapon :-).

I started to see a difference in my behavior after our first session and after about 8 weeks, I’m still committed to the plan I committed to Casey on that first day.

I feel so much better and more optimistic about my future.

– Kaye, Bellevue, WA (Now At 1 Year +)

I was at a work and life crossroads with a number of different paths available to me—leadership roles in the corporate space, the chance to be an independent consultant part-time while pursuing artistic endeavors more seriously, or starting a new business as an entrepreneur.

Casey helped me see that I didn’t necessarily need to trade earning potential and income for freedom, passion and independence. She pointed out where I was making assumptions about what other people would be willing to do to accommodate all my different pursuits, and that I could have the best of several worlds.

Casey really cut to the chase, helping me immensely in a remarkably short amount of time. I am so grateful for her help!

– Ingrid, Seattle, WA (7 Years Alcohol-Free)


Coaching with Casey has been one of the best gifts I have given myself. Her ability to guide me through a negative place of feeling stuck to a positive place of joy and self-love surpassed any expectations I had when I started this process.  

Casey helped me to discover not only what it was that I was truly seeking, but also how to get there. She held me accountable for these changes and helped me discover that I am a much stronger and capable person than I thought I was. 

Casey’s insight into knowing when I needed to be pushed and when I needed encouragement to continue with the changes I was pursing was exactly what I needed.

– Amy, Bellevue, WA


Casey is a great coach!  She’s enthusiastic, always fully present, and skilled at helping her clients find the right actions to take to move towards our goals. 

What truly sets Casey apart is her ability to hone in on and dig into what’s happening on a deeper level — I have often left our sessions having uncovered an aspect of an issue that I was totally unaware of.    

If you want to experience true transformation on a deep level, Casey is the coach for you.

– Liz, Seattle, WA

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