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If you’re looking for clarity in what you want—and to find the energy + path forward to making your goals happen—you should work with Casey.

In just five sessions I’ve gained impactful tools + mindsets that are having a positive impact on my life. I’ve left every coaching session re-energized, grounded, and empowered.

I’m inspired and more confident than I’ve ever been in pursuing what I want.

– Midori, Bellevue, WA

My one-on-one support coaching sessions with Casey have been enormously helpful!

I’ve been working with Casey as my sobriety coach for 2 months.

Her listening skills and clear ability to articulate precisely what I need to hear is the foundation of me succeeding with early sobriety. 

She’s helped me so much and I honestly believe that I could not do this without her guidance and contact via telephone, email and text.

Casey’s communication and guidance gets me through this extremely challenging time. 

– Leslie (Tired of Too Many Day 1s)


Casey is passionate about helping women achieve whatever they want out of life. I worked with Casey because I wanted to push myself and grow, evolve and be a better person in all that I do.

Casey was all in, asking questions that help me think about things in different ways. She is flexible and patient, genuine, caring and interested in your personal growth and development.

Casey helped me realize that I don’t always have to do it all on my own. I would absolutely recommend working with her.

– Dana, New York, New York


Casey’s wisdom and experience was such a gift to me at a perfect time.  She is kind, yet thorough and great at asking questions that make me think. 

During our coaching sessions, we explored the best approach to navigating a new job opportunity and promotion. I was able to become clear on the value I would bring to the role in order to approach the opportunity with confidence and excitement. 

My sessions with Casey stretched me and caused me to look at situations in different ways. I felt encouraged, validated and celebrated. 

Casey’s approach is accurately direct, compassionately delivered and extremely transformative. She truly is a wonderful coach!

– Jennifer, Seattle, WA


I decided to work with Casey because I needed to make some important changes in my life.  I knew what was working and not working, but I wanted a coach to help guide me and hold me accountable. 

Casey delivered. Her approach is supportive, but direct. Her process, questions and ideas shared helped guide me to discover the right path for myself. Casey is very relatable and I found her advice and approach super helpful.

Working with Casey helped me take action. I felt empowered and optimistic after our very first session; I left feeling like I had a viable action plan for myself and I was ready to go to work.

I’d recommend Casey to anyone; working with her has helped me create a plan for my life based on my priorities, with me in charge of what happens next.

 Things I thought I could never do, I’ve done. Problems I thought I could never solve have been addressed, even if in just small ways, helping me to feel the progress. When sharing my story with friends and they ask what’s different, I tell them she’s my secret weapon :-).

 I started to see a difference in my behavior after our first session and after about 8 weeks, I’m still committed to the plan I committed to Casey on that first day.

I feel so much better and more optimistic about my future.

– Kaye, Bellevue, WA


I love Casey’s energy and vibe.

Casey is approachable and real. She’s able to get to the essence of a problem or need and find the gold.

Casey is empathetic, proactive and dynamic. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with her.

– Kenna, Seattle, WA


I was at a work and life crossroads with a number of different paths available to me—leadership roles in the corporate space, the chance to be an independent consultant part-time while pursuing artistic endeavors more seriously, or starting a new business as an entrepreneur.

 Casey helped me see that I didn’t necessarily need to trade earning potential and income for freedom, passion and independence. She pointed out where I was making assumptions about what other people would be willing to do to accommodate all my different pursuits, and that I could have the best of several worlds.

It was revelatory, truly. And Casey really cut to the chase, helping me immensely in a remarkably short amount of time. I am so grateful for her help!

– Ingrid, Seattle, WA


Coaching with Casey has been one of the best gifts I have given myself. Her ability to guide me through a negative place of feeling stuck to a positive place of joy and self-love surpassed any expectations I had when I started this process.  

Casey helped me to discover not only what it was that I was truly seeking, but also how to get there. She held me accountable for these changes and helped me discover that I am a much stronger and capable person than I thought I was. 

Casey’s insight into knowing when I needed to be pushed and when I needed encouragement to continue with the changes I was pursing was exactly what I needed.

– Amy, Bellevue, WA


If you’re ready to write your next chapter, whether it be a professional lane change, making a big or small tweak in your lifestyle, or gaining objective insight into what really moves you and how to get there, you should talk to Casey.

Casey totally gets women who are accomplished and connected to loved ones, but also restless and wanting more for themselves in the years they have ahead. 

She is lovely, approachable, joy-emitting, and gifted at connecting you to your ‘someday’.

– Holly, Bellevue, WA


Casey is a great coach!  She’s enthusiastic, always fully present, and skilled at helping her clients find the right actions to take to move towards our goals. 

What truly sets Casey apart is her ability to hone in on and dig into what’s happening on a deeper level — I have often left our sessions having uncovered an aspect of an issue that I was totally unaware of.    

If you want to experience true transformation on a deep level, Casey is the coach for you.

– Liz, Seattle, WA

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