Codependency Recovery and People Pleasing in Sobriety

Do you put others’ needs, wants, and values ahead of yours?

Do you need help with setting boundaries in your relationships and around your sobriety?

If so, you need to listen to this episode of The Hello Someday Podcast with guest Hailey Magee!

Hailey is a certified codependency recovery coach who has worked with over 100 clients across the United States, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, and more break free from the shackles of codependency.

In this conversation Hailey dives deep into how to become the woman you want to be and what that looks like without alcohol. 

Speaking your truth, setting boundaries, and putting yourself first is not something that comes easy. You have to work for it everyday. The more you do, the easier it will be to live a life you love.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The meaning of codependency recovery
  • How to master the art of speaking your truth
  • How codependency shows up in your relationship with friends, family and your partner
  • How to find the space you need on your road to recovery


Author mentioned in episode: Harriet Lerner https://www.harrietlerner.com


The Hello Someday Podcast helps busy and successful women build a life they love without alcohol. Host Casey McGuire Davidson, a certified life coach and creator of The Sober Girl’s Guide to Quitting Drinking, brings together her experience of quitting drinking while navigating work and motherhood, along with the voices of experts in personal development, self-care, addiction and recovery and self-improvement. 

Whether you know you want to stop drinking and live an alcohol free life, are sober curious, or are in recovery this podcast is for you.

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Learn how to let go of alcohol as a coping mechanism, how to shift your mindset about sobriety and change your drinking habits, how to create healthy routines to cope with anxiety, people pleasing and perfectionism, the importance of self-care in early sobriety, and why you don’t need to be an alcoholic to live an alcohol free life. 

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