Praise For The Free Guides

Casey thank you so much for The 30 Day Guide To Quitting Drinking and the resources you shared in it!

Today is my Day 100! I feel great.

The best gift I got was that I trust myself again.

I can do all these things without wine to relax and take the edge off.

I can handle really big feelings (hello, was not expecting a pandemic to hit in the middle of my 100 days!).

My husband also decided to take a break and our marriage is doing so much better.

I’m not done on this journey of retraining my brain, but today feels really good and I attribute much of that to you sharing your story and your resources.

Thank you!!! 

Katie, Seattle, WA

21 days ago I came across Casey’s 30 Day Guide to Quitting Drinking and I couldn’t stop reading it.

For the past couple of years I’ve been very curious about people who didn’t drink. I love red wine but knew I was drinking too much. 

Casey’s story was bang on for me. I could relate to almost every word Casey wrote. I’m a mom, a wife, and  a business woman. 

I stopped drinking the day I found Casey’s 30 Tips For Your First 30 Days.

I followed all of Casey’s steps. The sober treats (I love them). The daily sticky notes. The alt beverages (they’re a must). The first five days were the hardest and Casey’s guide made me realize I should reward myself for each day I didn’t drink. 

Right now my goal is to hit 100 days without alcohol. After that I’ll see how I feel and where I go from there. But right now I’m so grateful I found this resource. 

Kim, British Columbia, Canada (Now On Day 194!)

My friend told me about Casey’s 30 Day Guide To Quitting Drinking and I immediately clicked and downloaded it.

Reading Casey’s 30 day guide was like accessing a friend, someone who was saying, “Hey, I’ve been here before and this is what helped me. I know it will help you too!” 

The fact that each tip had an explanation and was written in the first person made me feel like I was having an actual conversation with Casey. 

I was saying things like, “Yeah, you’re right!” And when I got to tip 10 I thought to myself, “Hell yeah, ice cream!” I never ate ice cream when I was drinking because I was allocating calories for wine. 

The same night I downloaded the guide I read through all 30 tips, I followed Casey’s advice.

  • I made my list of things that made me happy
  • I made a list of podcasts and books to listen to and read
  • I reached out to my team of cheerleaders and support
  • And I set my start date and got rocking. 

I am the kind of girl who wants to gather as much support, information and knowledge before I do anything, because as a Type A personality if I say I’m going to do something you better believe I’m gonna do it, follow through and cannonball at the end of it! 

I’ve taken breaks from drinking in the past. The difference is that each time I did that I only had willpower to get me through. 

This time I had support, knowledge and a plan for success! 

I’m 35 days in and couldn’t be happier with my choice! 

I love Casey’s podcasts, I feel like she is speaking my own story half the time, and I’ve dived into quit lit and am loving it! 

I truly feel that the podcast and books recommended have been my daily support and have made this journey so much easier than I thought it would be. 

Tiffany, Oakland, California (Day 35)

It’s been 120 days since I quit drinking and I wouldn’t be here without my coaching work with Casey! 

Before I quit drinking I felt frustrated and overwhelmed.

I had tried to quit drinking before, but I needed the support and accountability of a coach to make the change stick.

Once I quit drinking I was clear enough to actually follow through with things.

I’m finally able to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, like being there for my girls,  financial planning, medical appointments, and getting in my workouts and exercise.

I feel like I can handle things now. There’s a clarity in me that ​​wasn’t before. 

This work takes time, and I’m still figuring out how to fill my time with things I value, and not listen to old messages & negative patterns in my head. 

I’m so grateful to have found Casey as a coach, for her support and guidance and knowing that she’s there for me when I need her.​  

– Ali, Day 120

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