She Recovers and the many pathways to recovery

Dawn Nickel of She Recovers on The Many Paths To Recovery

Sometimes if you’re lucky someone reaches out to you in the early days when you’re first trying to stop drinking and shows you how to take the first steps. 

And for me that person was Dawn Nickel. 

8 years ago, when I first thought that I needed to stop drinking and decided to try life without wine, Dawn reached out to me. 

I was traveling with my son and husband from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia for a long weekend.

It was my first in 5 years where I wasn’t going to drink and I was 20 days sober.

Dawn picked me up for coffee, drove me to a beautiful beach and we talked all about drinking and not drinking, where I was, what I wanted and what I was afraid of.  

She’s amazing. And she’s also a pretty big deal. 

I was thrilled to interview Dawn and talk about women and the way we recover, from all things and in all ways. 

I hope you love this conversation as much as I did. 

Dr. Dawn Nickel is a respected thought leader in the women’s recovery sphere and (along with her daughter Taryn Strong) the founder of SHE RECOVERS Foundation, a not-for-profit grassroots organization that inspires hope, reduces stigma, and empowers women in or seeking recovery for substance use and/or mental health challenges. 

Dawn is a strong advocate for the view that every woman in or seeking recovery must be supported to find the tools and pathways that will work best for her as an individual. 

In this episode, Dawn and I discuss:

  • The fact that we are all recovering from something. 
  • The principle that we can stop drinking whenever it’s no longer working for us or making our lives better. We don’t have to hit bottom to choose a healthier path in any area of our lives. 
  • Why it’s important for everyone to find and follow their individualized path to healing. 
  • How to focus on your strengths, not your defects in order to support positive change. 
  • Why self-care is critical to our wellbeing. 

Links & resources mentioned in the episode

To find out more about She Recovers and how they can support you on your recovery journey, head over to www.sherecovers.org.

Looking for positive affirmations to encourage and motivate you, check out Intentions & Guiding Principles | SHE RECOVERS® Foundation

Guide to how to find She Recovers Secret Facebook Group https://hellosomedaycoaching.com/sober-facebook-groups/

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More About Dr. Dawn Nickel

Dawn is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, with a PhD and professional experience related to women and health care policy. In her work as a researcher and consultant, Dawn has focused largely on exploring how best to support women who experience substance use disorders, mental health issues and intimate partner violence, the three issues that prompted Dawn to start her own personal recovery journey in 1987.

Since 2011, Dawn and her daughter Taryn Strong (also in recovery) have dedicated their lives to growing SHE RECOVERS and its offerings so that more women (and more women from diverse backgrounds) have the access, resources, support and freedoms necessary to cultivate individualized and holistic pathways in order to find health, sustain long-term recovery, achieve their potential, and help other women to do the same. 

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