10 Tools You Need In Your Sober Toolkit

10 things you need in your sober toolkit when you’re quitting drinking

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to take a break from drinking you need to set yourself up for success. 

That means you need a really good sober toolkit.  

In this episode, I’ll share 10 things you absolutely need in your sober toolkit

1. Your iPhone. And that includes your earbuds and your charger. 

Your phone is literally in your back pocket or in your bag all times. You have it at work, at home, in a restaurant, at a dinner party, at family gatherings and holidays. Your phone will carry so many options, reminders, and sober supports for you to access. The good news is this tool in your toolkit is something you have on hand anyway – so load it up with the other tools below and you’ll be set! 

2. Audio books, podcasts and messages of sober support. 

Right now you’ve got a head start on this tool because you’re listening to this podcast. In it I share conversations, resources, information and tips on how to quit drinking and live happily without alcohol.  This is exactly the type of support you need to access in early sobriety.  In your first few weeks I recommend that you spend one to two hours a day listening to or reading something that reminds you that not drinking is a good idea. I know this sounds like a lot, but you are going through the process of literally deprogramming and retraining your mind and your habits that have been built up over the years.

3. Food and beverages that will help you get through a craving, help you during the witching hour, and make you feel satisfied and a bit indulged. 

It’s time to stock up on awesome non-alcoholic drinks and treats. Now is the time to get curious and creative and experiment with some cool beverages you’ve been ignoring for years as you head down the wine aisle. You also need to stock up on easy dinners, snacks with protein, and some sweets. Now is not the time to go on a diet – at least for your first 30 days. You’ll crave sugar – and you’re not consuming tons of calories from alcohol – so go ahead and buy the Peanut M&Ms. 

4. A list of your favorite “sober treats”.

Bubble baths, fresh flowers, baked goods, a new book, a list of binge-worthy shows, coloring books, a massage, a pedicure, take out sushi, new sheets, essential oils, a milkshake, a bike ride, a picnic, a babysitter – what are the things that you can do to treat yourself that doesn’t involve alcohol. If you start feeling like “this is all too hard”, “I don’t have anything good for myself”, “everyone else is having fun and my life sucks” – you need sober treats. 

5. A way to track your progress

This is about much more than counting the days since you last drank.  Yes – you’ve been sober for 8 days or 30 days – but there are apps that calculate the bottles of wine not consumed, the cases of beers you have not ingested, the calories you’ve saved and the money you have not spent poisoning yourself. In 30 days I saved over $550 – and did not consume 40 bottles of wine.  Plus counting days helps you celebrate milestones and be aware of anniversaries that might be tricky.

My favorite app is I’m Done Drinking

6. Community and support

It’s so helpful to connect with other cool women who are on the alcohol free path. I have suggestions of how to find them and a guide to joining my 2 favorite private sober Facebook groups for women

7. A safe space in your home to retreat

If you can it’s helpful to find a place where you can retreat from the chaos of your house.  Some people have a chair, where they like to sit with cheese and crackers and read a book. Some people have a corner they meditate in. Some people have a place in their garden or love their bedroom. When you stop drinking a lot of things feel too loud, too jarring or too much for a while. It helps to go somewhere where you can be quiet for a while. 

8. The ability to move, to be outside, get some fresh air and take a walk.

Anytime you want to drink, feel frustrated, resentful or angry, it helps to get moving. Fresh air and getting your blood pumping can do amazing things to reset your mind and make cravings less intense. I love to walk. Other people love running, yoga, gardening, going for a bike ride or dancing. Find something that works for you and add it to your toolkit.

9. Create a new evening routine. 

A lot of us are used to drinking in the evening, either after work, when we cook dinner or when we watch TV at night. Changing up your evening routine and creating new habits is a great sober tool. Try something new – experiment with a walk, online yoga, a nightly bath, sitting in a different room, listening to a sober audio book while rocking your baby to sleep or whatever. 

10. Sober coaching

I know this sounds self-serving but I want to be clear that this doesn’t have to be one-on-one coaching and it doesn’t have to be with me. But it does really help to know that you’re not the first woman who has decided that drinking isn’t working in your life – and there are coaches, sponsors, programs and resources out there that can give you short cuts, tips and advice to make this “living life without alcohol thing” so much easier! 

In my free guide, 30 Tips For Your First 30 Days, I have a ton of resources listed that can help you get started and you can also listen to Free Sober Coaching Audios on my website. 

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