Feeling Bored In Sobriety? How To Have Fun Without Alcohol.

Is Sobriety Boring?  

  • Are you worried that life without drinking will be boring? 
  • Or are you currently in early sobriety and feeling bored?
  • Are you scared that you’ll never really have fun or let loose again without alcohol? 
  • Or wondering if you’ll lose all your friends and favorite activities if you don’t drink?

Here’s a secret: Almost all women who love to drink worry about being bored (or boring) without alcohol.

In this episode I’m going to talk about all the tips, tricks, suggestions and advice I have to make life without alcohol fun, comforting, interesting and gratifying. 

I’ll talk about:

  • Why drinking is actually keeping your life small, isolated (and boring).
  • Why all of us have tunnel vision when we’re drinking.  We see only the people and activities around us that are centered around alcohol (and look past all the other activities hiding in plain sight). 
  • What to do if you’re feeling bored in your first 15, 30 or 40 days and how to reframe your mindset about the important work you’re doing.
  • Why there is NO CHANCE you’re “doing nothing” in early sobriety. Even if you feel like you are just taking baths, reading books, going to bed early and taking long, slow walks you are doing big, important work and emotional heavy lifting. 
  • Why part of the work of early sobriety is learning to sit with feeling “blah”.
  • Why to ask yourself “What do I love MORE than wine?” [and why it’s OK if you can’t think of anything at all to answer that question].
  • Why you should give yourself “assignments” to find joy and pleasure after you quit drinking. 
  • Examples and ideas of new passions, activities, pastimes and hobbies from other women who have stopped drinking & found joy and excitement without it. 
  • Why vision boards of future adventures and travel (Coffee in Paris? Bike tour in Amsterdam? Hiking in Greece?) can be a powerful way to get excited about your fun life in sobriety. 
  • How to edit your social media accounts to inspire you about how good life can be without alcohol vs. making you feel like you’re missing out on something (or everything). 
  • How to meet new friends who don’t drink and have new adventures without alcohol. 
  • And why it’s up to you to make things happen in your life. It’s both a responsibility and an invitation.

If you’re still reading and you want the quick answers now, here they are:

  • No. Life without drinking isn’t boring. I’m not lying to you. It’s actually really good. You will like it!
  • Yes. It’s pretty normal to feel bored in early sobriety, but it’s kind of related to not being used to feeling calm or peace. The feeling of things being too quiet or empty does pass. 
  • Don’t be scared. I promise you will have so much fun in life without alcohol. Your life will get bigger and more open and exciting and joyful without drinking.
  • No. You won’t lose all your friends if you don’t drink but you will likely find new and better favorite activities or even enjoy the same old ones in new ways.

You’ve got this. 

Life without drinking is not smaller. It’s not boring. 

It’s big and exciting and beautiful and you will have the time and energy to go after your dreams. 

And if you’re not there yet I’m here to hold your hand and walk you through the quiet times until you’re ready for good stuff ahead. 

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