Understanding Negative Thought Patterns

Understanding Negative Thought Patterns

Are you your own worst critic?

It’s normal to feel worry, regret, self-doubt and have negative thoughts at times. 

But if you have a tendency to be hard on yourself, the automatic thoughts you have can have a big impact on your emotions and the way you experience and interpret the world around you. 

But getting stuck in negative thought patterns can trigger heightened feelings of anxiety, fear, self pity and insecurity.  

The good news is that you can learn to identify and challenge automatic negative thoughts, which can relieve stress, self-doubt and let you feel significantly more confident and positive. 

Today, my guest Shelby John, is here to talk about understanding our negative thought patterns. 

Shelby is a mom, wife and an entrepreneur. She’s been sober since July 2002 and her own recovery journey led her to become a social worker, trained in trauma therapy, coaching techniques and other clinical skills. As a therapist, Shelby helps women heal their past trauma, using EMDR. therapy. Online, she gets to guide them into building the confidence they need to love their lives beyond recovery. 

In this episode, Shelby and I discuss:

  • How to recognize and replace the negative thoughts that can bring you down and hold you back

  • 3 reasons why negative thoughts happen
    • Fear of the future
    • Worrying about the present
    • Regrets about the past
  • 5 types of negative thinking

    • All or nothing thinking
    • Overgeneralization
    • Catastrophizing
    • Should Statements
    •  Personalization
  • The difference between Fear Based Core Values and Conscious Based Core Values
  • How to identify your personal core values to help you feel confident and positive about your actions and choices

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To find out more about how Shelby can guide you on your recovery journey, head over to www.shelbyjohncoaching.com

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