Private Sober Coaching

Create A Life You Love Without Alcohol

Hey friend!

I’m taking a break from private coaching to focus all my energy & attention on supporting the women in my Sobriety Starter Kit Program.

If you want to work with me, please join me there!

In addition to the program that’s helped over 1,000 women break free from alcohol, I’ve created a membership community where I show up every day to guide you, connect with you and cheer you on.

As part of the membership I also offer monthly group coaching and Q&A sessions. 

Ready to change your drinking?

One-on-one sobriety coaching is for you if…


You want a private, empowering, personalized and rewarding plan to stop drinking that will meet you where you are and provide the resources, tools and support to get you where you want to go.


You’re a busy woman who has realized that drinking isn’t working in your life anymore, have tried to moderate in the past and haven’t been successful.


You’re excited to see how amazing you can feel and how awesome life can be after 100+ days without alcohol.


You’re looking for positive and confidential support to quit drinking with a clear road map for success and defined milestones along the way.

Why Dive In?

Because you deserve a life you love.

I know you’re busy…and I’m guessing sobriety coaching isn’t at the top of your to-do list.

You’re smart, capable and productive. You work hard every day to accomplish a lot.

You take care of people.

You manage work deadlines and finances, business trips and family vacations, school conferences and sports practices.


If drinking is your favorite way to relax after a long day, but waking up at 3 am with anxiety is getting old, you’re ready for a change.

If you drink more (or more often) than you want to, if you create rules for yourself about when or how much you’ll drink and can’t stick to them, if reaching for wine each night is getting in the way of living your best life, you’re not alone.

Trying to cut back on your drinking alone is hard, but I can make it easier.


You need support. And a road map.

What is SOBRIETY Coaching to Quit Drinking?

In private coaching we’ll work closely together over the course of 5 to 6 months to move through my 5-Step Sober Coaching Process.

I’ll hold your hand – every step of the way – to help you break free of drinking as a coping mechanism and step away from alcohol as your constant companion.

Client Success Stories

"Working with Casey is the best gift I have ever given myself! She helped me get out of the miserable cycle of work – take care of family – wine – promise yourself you will quit – can’t – then repeat. I tried for years to moderate or quit drinking on my own but I never could do it for long. Adding Casey’s support made all the difference."

Megan, Missouri (Now at 4 Years+)

"Day 100! I am so grateful to be on this path. Having Casey as my cheerleader, mentor, and friend has made putting down the wineglass so much less scary and lonely."

Mary, Georgia, Now At 3 Years+

Day 30! I’m still shocked that I have pulled this many days together. Before I started working with Casey it was hard to get a week without drinking. But the days actually feel easy now! I feel good, happy and productive.

Christy, Wisconsin (Now at 2 Years+)

"One of the best decisions of my life was to hire Casey! For years I wanted to live alcohol-free but kept having to restart and restart. I started working with Casey + she was everything I could hope for in a sober coach; kind, honest, intelligent, non-judgmental, experienced and she put my mind at ease immediately. As cliché as this may sound, working with Casey is TRULY an investment in your life and is worth every penny. "

Patricia, California, (Now at 2 Years+)

The sobriety starter Kit

Private coaching package includes


90-Minute In Depth Kick Off coaching Call

 To set yourself up for success and build your personalized roadmap.


Real Time, Daily Text + Email Support (Including evenings + weekends)

Daily text and email support to get you through your first 4 days, your first weekend, your first family gathering, business trips, holidays and all the triggers and cravings along the way.

I’m here to hold your hand through it all.


Personalized Sobriety (+ Life) Coaching Sessions

Two (2) 90-Minute + Ten (10) 30-Minute Personalized Coaching Sessions with me as we work through my 5-Step Sober Coaching Process + Life Coaching.


In-Depth Session Follow-Up Notes

I’ll send detailed session notes following each coaching call with topics covered, insights and next steps.


60-day milestone Core Energy Coaching

Online assessment, detailed report and 90-Minute, personalized and in-depth coaching session as we shift from sober coaching as primary to life coaching, with sobriety as your firm foundation.


My coaching framework delivered in 60 on-demand video lessons to support and augment our one-on-one coaching work. It’s in-depth support and guidance available whenever you need it, on an app for easy access.  Click to learn more about the course.


Membership in the SSK Private Community

Private group available only to private coaching clients and members of The Sobriety Starter Kit course. Includes monthly group coaching with Casey, connection, community support, bonus live events + more.


Core Values work + Future Life Visioning

Values work and Future Life Visioning to launch you into the life you’ve dreamed about.

Plus, Lifetime access to The Sobriety Starter Kit Program

My signature online sober coaching course created for busy women

Join The Sobriety Starter Kit Course For Busy Women. Take A Break From Drinking With Sobriety Coaching.

Here’s what you’ll find in the course:


The lessons, strategies + tools you need - in your back pocket


8 step-by-step modules + over 70 video lessons designed to take you from day 1 to one year + beyond


ALL the bonuses (Awesome Sober Treats, My Diary from Day 1 to Day 100, The Ultimate Guide to Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Boundaries Workshops + More)


Self-study exploration of the coaching work we're doing in our one-on-one sessions

"9 months alcohol free! (Now at 2 years +) As I was reflecting on this milestone today, what strikes me most is just how big and expansive my life is now versus when I was drinking.

Mary, Georgia (Now at 2 Years+)

"If you’re looking to work with a coach I’d tell you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain; including your life back. After too many day ones, coaching with Casey has been a game-changer. I’ve gained so much from this experience: joy, peace, self care, self love, contentment, happiness, my health and most importantly, sobriety! "

Kathy, Washington, (Now At 4 Years AF)

"Working with Casey has been a really great experience. Her technique and approach to quitting drinking absolutely works if someone really wants to stop. I’m so glad I reached out for help."

Jennifer (Now 3 Years +)

" It’s been 120 days since I quit drinking and I wouldn’t be here without my coaching work with Casey!)"

Ali, Missouri, (Now 4 YEARS +)

The Sobriety Starter Kit 5 Step Coaching Formula

Here’s How We Do It

Create Your Sober Foundation

Build Sober Muscles

Up-level Your Mindset

Focus Your Core Energy

Build A Life You Love

Step 1: Create Your Sober Foundation

We’ll kick off our work together with a 90-Minute, in-depth coaching session. 


The work we’ll do together includes:

  • Assessing your environment, what you drink, when you drink, your work and home schedule, routines and habits.
  • Understanding your triggers and sources of sober support.
  • Setting you up for success.
  • Personalized coaching and recommendations based on your situation:
      • What to eat, drink, and have on hand. 
      • How to get through days 1 and 2, 3 and 4, your first weekend, your evenings and the witching hour.
      • Surviving cravings during the witching hour. 
      • How to track your progress in a way that feels positive and empowering
      • Sober treats – how to reward yourself for the work you’re doing without alcohol.
Support resources for creating your sober foundation:
  1. Daily text and email support from me. I’ll hold your hand the whole way.
  2. Two (2) 90-Minute + Ten (10) 30-Minute Personalized Coaching Sessions with me over the course of 4 to 6 months.
  3. Access to The Sobriety Starter Kit course – with 8 modules + over 70 on-demand video lessons, recommended exercises + tools for each step of the process.

Step 2: Build Sober Muscles

The work we’ll do together includes:

  • How to talk to people about this “not drinking thing”
  • Avoiding labels and judgement (from yourself and others)
  • Navigating people, places and situations where you typically drink.  
  • Working through relationships with your partner and children, your family, friends and coworkers. 
  • Establishing boundaries and overcoming people-pleasing tendencies
  • Setting up a self-care routine that works for you, your family and your life
  • Navigating events as they come up. Holidays, date nights, dinner parties, barbeques, book clubs and business trips. 
  • Opening yourself up to new sources of sober support and awesome people on the alcohol-free path.


Support resources for building your sober muscles:
  1. Daily text and email support from me. I’ll hold your hand the whole way.
  2. Two (2) 90-Minute + Ten (10) 30-Minute Personalized Coaching Sessions with me over the course of 4 to 6 months.
  3. Access to The Sobriety Starter Kit course – with 8 modules + over 70 on-demand video lessons, recommended exercises + tools for each step of the process.

Step 3: Up-level Your Mindset About Alcohol-Free Life

The work we’ll do together includes:

  • Digging deep into your beliefs around alcohol, how it is part of your identity and personality. 
  • Questioning your limiting beliefs about what life will look like without drinking. 
  • Addressing your fears about what not drinking will mean for your social life and relationships.
  • Releasing judgement and labels. How to work through your assumptions about what others will think of you or that they’ll believe that you have a “problem”. 
  • Reframing quitting drinking as positive and empowering – a choice you are making to improve your life. Something that you are doing to truly take care of your mind, your body, your joy. 
  • Getting excited about how full and fulfilling your life can be without alcohol
  • The good stuff. Planning sober dates, adventures, fun. Experiencing contentment, joy and gratitude. 

Support resources for upleveling your mindset:
  1. Daily text and email support from me. I’ll hold your hand the whole way.
  2. Two (2) 90-Minute + Ten (10) 30-Minute Personalized Coaching Sessions with me over the course of 4 to 6 months.
  3. Access to The Sobriety Starter Kit course – with 8 modules + over 70 on-demand video lessons, recommended exercises + tools for each step of the process.

Step 4: Dive Into Core Energy Life Coaching

How do you move through life? Are you a caregiver for others who prioritizes the needs of everyone else above yourself? Do you feel like you are constantly navigating people, places and things in your life without the power to change them? Do you feel uncomfortable if you’re not “in control”.  Or do you approach the world looking for opportunities and from a place of optimism? 

When you hit 60 days alcohol free you’ll absolutely love our core energy life coaching work!

It will change how you view yourself, your past, your life and the opportunities available to you in the future.

The work we’ll do together includes:

  • Assessing your core energy and mindset – both as you typically navigate life and how it changes in times of stress.  Through an online assessment and a 90-Minute in-depth coaching session we’ll dig into how you’re responding to situations, opportunities and challenges – as well as the people, places and the things in your life.
  • Learning how to distinguish between positive energy that is constructive, energizing and expansive, and energy that is draining and is working against you.
  • Understanding how to navigate the world with less effort and stress – including exploring what energy levels are available to you, how to manage your inner critic and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and how to prioritize your needs in ways that are a win-win for others. 
  • Ensuring that the energy with which you approach the world is working for you – not against you. 

Support resources for Core Energy Coaching:
  1. Online Energy Leadership Assessment from The Institute for Professional Excellence In Coaching (IPEC)
  2. In-Depth Written Report with your core energy results to review on an ongoing basis as you move through the world and in times of stress
  3. Your life satisfaction ratings
  4. 90-Minute Core Energy Coaching Session

Step 5: Create A Life You Love Without Alcohol


The ultimate goal of our work together is to build a life that you truly love and don’t want to escape from. Once you get out of the drinking cycle, it’s time to look at what more you want to do with your time, energy and talent. We’ll work on future life visioning, your untapped potential and taking action – you’re ready for the next steps in building a life you love without alcohol!

The work we’ll do together includes:

  • Future Life Visioning – How do you want to live everyday? What have you been tolerating in your life that you want to change? What have you been afraid of that you’re now excited to explore? 
  • Your Values Work – What are the most important values you hold in life? How are the choices and actions you take every day supporting your values?
  • Integrating the core energy work into up-leveling your life.
  • The action steps you want to take to build the life you’ve dreamed about.

Support resources for future visioning and taking action:
  1. Daily text and email support from me. I’ll hold your hand the whole way.
  2. Two (2) 90-Minute + Ten (10) 30-Minute Personalized Coaching Sessions with me over the course of 4 to 6 months.
  3. Access to The Sobriety Starter Kit course – with 8 modules + over 60 on-demand video lessons, recommended exercises + tools for each step of the process.

Day 50! I'd say this is the longest I've ever gone without drinking, aside from my pregnancies, but I'm not sure even that's entirely true. For the first time deciding not to drink doesn't feel like a punishment or that I'm having to turn my back on something good; this feels like taking a deliberate, enthusiastic step toward something positive.

– Lauren, Illinois, (Now at SIX MONTHS+)

"Today I have been alcohol free for 120 days! Believe me, when I started out getting to this point seemed impossible! 120 days is three times longer than I made it last year on my own. Casey’s support and guidance as a coach has been invaluable in this process. One thing that has surprised me is what a positive effect being alcohol free has had on every area of my life!"

Liz, Georgia (Now at SIX MONTHS+)

"I just hit 50 days and this is my longest sober streak in decades! I’ve tried a lot of things to stop drinking in the past. I’ve kept a journal, joined online sobriety courses, read all the sobriety memoirs, juice cleansed, meditated etc. - all with very limited success. I am extremely introverted and normally hate speaking on the phone - so I was worried that ‘coaching’ would not work well for me - but I took a leap of faith and hired Casey. "

– Sarah, Toronto, (Now on Day 180+)

"I love Casey’s energy and vibe. Casey is approachable and real. She’s able to get to the essence of a problem or need and find the gold. Casey is empathetic, proactive and dynamic. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with her."

Kenna, Seattle, WA (Now at 1 Year Alcohol-Free)

Sobriety Starter Kit for Busy Women Quitting Drinking - Sobriety Coaching Online Course

Not Quite Ready To Invest In Private Coaching?

start with the sobriety starter kit sober coaching course

My online, self-study sober coaching course is a great place to start and may be all the support you need.

In the program I teach you exactly how to break out of the drinking cycle + create a life you love without alcohol. It includes over 70 sober coaching video lessons, a private members only podcast, App access, resources, guides, exclusive workshops + everything you need to go from Day 1 to one year alcohol-free + beyond. Plus you’ll get a 60-Day free membership in the SSK private community + with monthly group coaching.

After Our Sobriety Starter Kit 5 Step Foundational Work

  • The goal with our coaching work and lifetime access to the Sobriety Starter Kit online course is to provide you with a strong foundation on which to build the life you love without alcohol.


  • The sober tools, support, boundaries, mindset, core energy coaching and self-coaching skills you have built will serve you for the rest of your life. 
  • For clients who want to continue to have my coaching support as they navigate opportunities and challenges in life I offer ongoing coaching sessions as needed. You can purchase a package of 4, 30-Minute Coaching Sessions to be used whenever you want or need them.


  • As long as you are an active client with a coaching session package – text and email support is available to you at any time.  Set up a session whenever you need one. I’m here for you!
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