10 Ways Running Can Jumpstart Recovery For Women Quitting Drinking


Did you know that developing a running practice can jumpstart your recovery when you’re quitting drinking?

Running is a layer of support that helps you set goals, boost confidence, and fill your time with a healthy alternative in early sobriety when all you want to do is pour yourself a drink. 

My guest today is Margaret Ward. Margaret is a mother of 4, a multiple marathon finisher, a retired chardonnay drinker, a life and sobriety coach and a former lawyer. 

She’s been featured in Trail Runner Magazine and her main passions, beside her kids, is finding adventure through traveling and running around the world. 

Margaret’s Recovery Run Adventures offers alcohol-free adventures to destination races in Iceland, Norway and Italy and more. 

In this episode we discuss,

  • The struggles of motherhood that can drive women to drink as a way to cope with stress, anxiety (+ boredom)
  • The mental and physical benefits of running that will help you heal and recover from drinking
  • How running helps you control cravings, especially in the beginning
  • The ways that releasing energy through running will help you regulate your nervous system, control anger, and physically tire you out, helping you sleep at night.
  • The ways in which running decreases stress, anxiety and can help you practice mindfulness
  • How developing a small, consistent running practice can provide structure to your days in early sobriety, relieve boredom, get a quick win and boost your confidence
  • The way in which running helps you become more in tune with your body
  • Fun and exciting running adventures around the world in Iceland, Norway and Italy

10 Ways Running Can Jumpstart Your Recovery

  1. Running requires little financial commitment and you can jump in at any time. Just grab your running shoes and head out the door.  
  2. Helps control your cravings, especially in early sobriety. When you run, your brain releases endorphins. Endorphins is a chemical released by your brain that triggers positive emotions. This is also known as the runners high.
  3. Running decreases stress and anxiety. In early sobriety, your stress and anxiety levels can increase. Running increases your heart rate which in turn changes your brain chemistry. Your brain releases an anti-anxiety neurotransmitter such as GABA.
  4. Moving your body allows you to practice mindfulness. When you run, you connect with your breathing and get into a state of flow. Running is a form of moving meditation. 
  5. Allows you to set goals and see immediate results. Setting running goals builds confidence and it gives you something to celebrate once that goal is accomplished. Start small and commit.
  6. Provides structure to your day which is an important tool to have during early sobriety. 
  7. Counteracts Boredom.
  8. Running is a natural way to release energy. Releasing built up energy helps regulate your nervous system, control anger, and will physically tire you out which will help you sleep at night.
  9. When you start running, you open yourself up to a whole new world. A community of women who will cheer you on and hold you accountable. Joining a local running group helps you establish connections with other women.
  10. Running provides you a great reason to stop drinking. You’re getting your body healthy. You are giving yourself a great tool to jumpstart your sobriety.

Links and resources mentioned

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

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