Why You Need Sober Treats

Why You Need Sober Treats When You’re Quitting Drinking 

In early sobriety sober treats are important, not an indulgence. 

Don’t underestimate their power, because sober treats are essential to helping you both stop drinking and keep going once willpower runs out and motivation fades 

When you’re walking away from drinking you need your time without alcohol to feel rewarding and kind – not like a punishment or deprivation. 

And most of all you need sober treats because you’ve been stuck in a “reward rut” for way too long. 

After decades of ‘adulting’ often our universe of rewards and pleasure options have shrunk to the equivalent of ‘bars and bakeries’ (alcohol and sugar).  

  • Hard day? Wine. 
  • Promotion at work? Wine. 
  • Friday night date? Wine. 
  • Kids being hard? Wine. 
  • A few hours to yourself? Wine. 
  • Anxious? Overwhelmed? Lonely? Wine. 

You deserve more.

Sober treats will open your imagination and help you find and enjoy new sources of pleasure and comfort.

Let’s talk about how to quit drinking without deprivation or relying on willpower by using sober treats. 

You’ll learn how to satisfy and soothe your emotional and physical needs in a way that doesn’t leave you with a headache or a hangover. 

I’m also sharing some of my favorite sober treats and how they help me, both in early sobriety and also today. 

Listen in to learn:

  • The 4 reasons why sober treats are important
  • Why you’re stuck in a ‘reward rut’ 
  • How to move from reactively trying to resist drinking triggers (willpower) to proactively preventing them using self care
  • Why planning sober treats forces you prioritize yourself and establish better boundaries
  • How sober treats rewire your drinking habit loop (cue, craving, response + reward cycle) and make it easier to build new, healthier habits
  • Plus ALL the sober treat ideas to inspire you to take better care of yourself + build a life you enjoy – not just one you tolerate

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  7. Navigating Sobriety Challenges – Labels, Other People, Drinking Events, The Mommy Wine Culture, Boredom, PAWS, Avoiding ‘Pre-Lapse’ and Restarting Quickly If You Drink
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More resources mentioned in the episode

Grab my favorite non-alcoholic beverage from Gruvi and The Athletic Brewing Company

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