Why I Quit Drinking

For many years of my life drinking wine was my favorite hobby.

I loved the way drinking made me feel.

I used it to celebrate, commiserate, fuel conversations, treat myself, gloss over awkwardness, numb anger, work through the evenings and alleviate boredom.

  • I loved opening the bottle of wine before dinner.
  • I loved going to a wine bar and ordering a glass of red.
  • I loved getting under a blanket on my couch and turning on a movie with my wine glass on the side table next to me.

I used to think about drinking a lot, and I made a lot of rules for myself about when, how much or how often I would drink.

I cared so much about drinking I decided to moderate it proactively so that I would never have to give it up completely.

In this episode, I want to tell you more about my story and who I am.

Both before I quit drinking, and after.

I saw quitting drinking as my absolute worst case scenario.

But now – having done the work – I consider my decision to walk away from the wine bottle as foundational to helping me achieve everything I want in my life.

  • It’s something I’m really proud of.
  • It’s made me more honest and more real.
  • It’s helped me develop better and healthier coping mechanisms.
  • It’s made me more courageous and less fearful about changing In my life, and it’s made me closer with my husband and my kids, my friends and my family.

It turns out that my worst case scenario has actually helped me lead a better life. 


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    I thought quitting drinking was my ABSOLUTE worst case scenario.

    It turned out to be the best decision of my life. 


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