For me, it started with a glass of wine, and then it became the bottle.


Here’s my story…

Hey There! I’m Casey

I’m an ex-red wine girl turned sober coach who helps women create lives they love without alcohol.

But it wasn’t that long ago that I was anxious, overwhelmed and drinking a bottle of wine a night to “unwind”.

I thought wine was the glue holding me together and for a long time drinking was my favorite hobby.

I used it to celebrate, reward myself, work through the evenings and make everyday life more exciting.

I spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, getting married, having kids and holding on tightly to my love affair with drinking.

At first it started with a glass, but then it became the bottle….

And I started worrying about my drinking.

I’d wake up at 3am with my heart pounding and crushing anxiety.

I’d cringe as I looked into my bloodshot eyes and saw the wine bottles filling up the recycling bin.

But I was worried that I would never have fun again if I stopped. 

So I made rules for myself. I decided that I would only drink on the weekend, or only 2 glasses of wine a night, or only drink 3 times a week.

It didn’t work.

It was getting harder to ignore that my drinking wasn’t holding me together – it was breaking me apart.

It was a slippery slope that was going downhill – fast.

Taking my son on wine tasting weekends

4 months sober in Venice

Life with zero hangovers

So after years of holding on to my love of red wine it was time to see what my life would be like without it.

And slowly I started feeling better.

I was convinced that my life would get smaller when I stopped drinking, but it became so much bigger.

I’ve become more confident, open, optimistic and adventurous.

I’ve walked along the canals in Venice and stayed in a cave house in Santorini feeling completely alive.

I’ve put my kids to bed without rushing to get back down to my glass of wine.

I’ve hosted dinner parties, holiday celebrations and BBQs without needing to drink.

And I’ve done it all with a clear memory and without a single hangover.

Now I help busy women change their relationship with alcohol.

Other women who are doing all the things and then coming home and opening a bottle of wine to forget about all the things.

I know you might think that your life ends when you stop drinking, but it doesn’t.

It’s actually just the start of a beautiful new beginning.

If you’re sober curious, re-evaluating your relationship with alcohol or want to stop drinking completely, I’d be honored to support you.

Ready to create a life you love without alcohol?



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Casey McGuire Davidson is a Life & Sobriety Coach and the host of the Top 100 Mental Health Podcast The Hello Someday Podcast, ranked in the top 0.5% of all podcasts globally with over 1 Million downloads.

She’s is a leader in the modern sober curious movement of women who are gray area drinkers, going alcohol-free without judgment, labels or the traditional 12 Step Model. 

As an ex-red wine girl who spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder while holding on tightly to her love of red wine, Casey is passionate about helping busy women change their relationship with alcohol. 

She’s been featured on NBC News, This Naked Mind, Soberful, Alcohol Explained Live, The One You Feed, Shameless Mom Academy, The Bubble Hour, Euphoric AF and has had hundreds of conversations with best selling authors, thought leaders, therapists + addiction experts about all things women and alcohol

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